Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Third Concerto I vs. Figurative Theatre

Klub Jebaga (YeahBug@), Nis, 24.12.2009.

"Po prvi put sam na hepeningu (sto mi is an expression for the gig + performance), these 2 project just because you hate to play in events ... But ...
start is with some pomeran 22:30 to midnight which is further podrgejalo sense for filing. At 00.00. the stage outputs backbone Figurative Theatre (man in a long leather coat and e.neubauten mother and girl in costume Tito's pioneers), and Nesa Third and laptop. Until then, they were already on her guitar, gitaristkinja (perhaps basistkinja) and the figure for the keyboards.
in the audience to 50 people, which is quite a decent number of any club I'm not too big so everything looked solidly filled.
with loudspeakers said dark ambient sound that is effective to start with, complementing the hard rhythms and vocals (whose preglasnost initially quickly corrected). Minimalism and the klavijautura obscurno an additional boost by Nese, with notebooks and primitive techno / electronic sound with which the special effect. And all this follows the girl (aforementioned pioneer restarted) on the hammer jaws. Quite a solid sound system. The atmosphere heats up, the club zajgrejava, thus the singer begins to undressing to the waist, often ends up on the floor while the twice-aforementioned girls began performing with him that lasts all the way almost to the end of the concert. Nehronoloskim row: plots five-pointed him kraminom and anarchy, writes on the back "dada", rolling on tape, toletnim paper (with his "lament" to (not) are shit), throwing cards into the audience (with pevacevo order "we are not the ticket!" ), tied a belt around the door and runs like a dog, when-when I danced, saints passes among people ... Had an effect on the audience, applause after each song. Neither the "musicians" are not obliged to remain in a fixed pattern, but starting to improvise liberally. It includes the electric violin! And for one thing and Gera Cobi's death on vocals (growl / scream). All it takes something more than an hour (which is the only gripe with it is a quality without repetition there may have been for about 45 min) and then to end the "treatment" Good Isaac "She is playing with a knife" as the above mentioned three times-pops and work. Otherwise called Kata but this time it was cut, because it really cut down inadvertently partners ...
possible to Nis this is not deserved, and performers Bravo! "
Goran / PMK Records

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