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Unbearable Lightness of Eternity

characteristic of dystopia is to show the power that works for ideological reasons, and whose representatives are convinced that their actions are aimed at the introduction of universal happiness for humanity, even if it is attributed to this man's death. Humanity is not, however, the entity. These activities are addressed to all persons reporting to the authority which covers most all of a specific territory (country, isolated from the rest of the world city or the whole planet). Mechanisms of power out in antyutopiach are very close to the ways of control characteristic of modern societies. It is important for concepts such as security, territory, population, which devotes special attention to Michel Foucault.

authority we can think of, but can reach far beyond them. The authority we can think of, nothing pulls more unfettered hands - can walk away with time and accompanying burden of being.
End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov is a novel published in 1955, its action takes place in a distinctively timeless pojmowanym - outside the so-called state. fizjoczasem, which is sometimes a natural: the Eternity. Asimov's Eternity in this space, but also a kind of institution in which men are present uprooted from his home time. Prospective employees of Eternity as a teenage boys have been subjected to selection. Those who were elected, they came to Eternity. Their tasks include taking action to interfere with certain segments of history. Deprived of his home, space and time, who knows, they are forced to live with the knowledge that - if they were to return to their reality - they can no longer meet the family. Not because the others died, but because the changes made in earlier eras could not exist at all. Men therefore remains honorable service for Eternity. Nothing more.

so-called changes
Reality Asimov in the novel, however, are made - unlike in Orwell's 1984 where the Ministry of Truth, in spite of all the bureaucratic-disciplining terrifying aura consisted mainly fiction and produced a series of lies, to believe in that, although forced everyone, but that changed the only truth (sic) in zindoktrynizowanych, debilitated people's minds - the naked reality of matter. In the history of interfering in real terms, its course is changed really, so: people die who might otherwise live to old age, do not get to know people who would be able to love, children are not born that could arise. However, in this way also avoids the various wars and natural disasters.

shown in Asimov's time is linear, the reader does not have so much difficulty with the practice of imagining this. Its horror is revealed highly suggestive. In history, where there is eternity, there is no room for indecision units: is it an observer, sociologist, calculator, statistics, or making changes Reality technology. The goals are laudable, indeed, too, to subject them into question. "What Wiecznościowcy consider what is good?" - Asks Andrew Harlan, the protagonist of the novel, his beloved Noys and responds - "I'll tell you. Peace and security. Moderation. Any excesses. Without any risk absolutely certain that everything will succeed. " Clearly, the ideals of the representatives of this system does not differ specifically from the ideals presented in other antyutopijnych realities.

VC century native of Harlan is passionate about the history of the so-called. Primitive, ie the year prior to the XXIV age at which a Temporary Field was discovered. Temporary Field was basis for the creation of Eternity and to allow the associated travel time between the parts. Harlan sees a striking difference between the sometimes primitive and later eras. "From time to time was lost in a world where life was life and death, death, where people make decisions that are irrevocable (...). And then it was difficult, almost shocking return of thought to Eternity and a world in which reality is something flexible and fast disappearing, something that people like himself, may maintain in his hands and forge a better form. "

omnipotence Wiecznościowców turns out to be illusory. Prior to the intrusion and interference of the weapon so effectively. Hidden Century, to which workers are not allowed in Eternity. It's there - from the outside, as always in this type of novels - will someone who will negate the benefits of the system base. This time it will be a woman whose actions will help lead to the destruction of Eternity. This time, the power of love (and somewhat underestimated, unfortunately, the power of persuasion) to win the seeming omnipotence cold, inhuman, bureaucratic mechanisms based on the order.

time, which is running Harlan, is flexible. It's something you can constantly change and shape. No decision is not binding and permanent. In a sense, life becomes aware of wiecznościowców light. Any decision can be reversed, and therefore none has an absolute meaning. On the life story can be heroes in a sense, take a look through the prism of Bauman's liquid modernity Population: embarrassing their ties, weight, stability, constancy disappeared. However, it seems that only apparently. Because they received in return? Wiecznościowiec no family, is devoted to his mission and be willing to make sacrifices. "Harlan believed that Eternity is something of a monastery in primitive times." Thus, surprisingly, in a fantasy novel from the 50s about people living outside the margin of time we find a well-known blend of: classic heavy modernity and modern light and smooth, inextricably intertwined - and how he could separate them? - Embrace.

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Comedy and Happiness antyutopijny staffage

photo Starscream ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )
Some time ago on this blog facebookowym fanpejdżu wondering if there is something like a dystopian parody, or rather we should talk about dystopian cheerfully. "Dystopia of humor, however, is quite heretycko for obsesjonatki purity (referred to - is to be understood - the literary and film genres, I assure you that gatunkizm as such is completely alien to me) that sometimes - when I turn off the filter in the postmodern enthusiasm for all kinds of mixers - I visit, so with a heavy heart I had to depart from its original intuition, but after a time of joyful surprise hit in the head and yell for a philosopher pops up from the bath, "eureka!".

apparently somewhat fixated on the point of the name of his two month blogging the child just now realized that after all there is absolutely no need for further theoretical hybrid, since it is close at hand like a miracle, as the satirical utopia, that is - for my favorite Lexicon of Polish literature fiction Smuszkiewicza men and Niewiadomski - Simple antyutopia simply. And then finally all jumped into place.

Probably few who / Pole-a /-ka Sexmission (1984 - nomen omen ) Machulski's do not know. It entered into for good in the canon of Polish film, or what you just have to see to be able to function effectively as the native culture and / or pop culture (here, in my opinion, tend to be reasonable doubt). Remind therefore only briefly to begin in 1991, when two volunteers, Maks and Albert, he decided to be hibernating in a scientific experiment. They wake up in 2044, in a world where no men. In the meantime, nuclear war broke out, disappeared male sex, thanks partenogenezie in this world are born only to girls and women themselves last on the ground, where he created a society based on the worship of their careers. Back to reality for many years before - the only known male odhibernowanym nieszczęśnikom - not necessarily by them taken into account.

Blade dystopia (pay attention to the Greek - anti ) is directed against the utopia. Not necessarily against a specific cultural text, ie a novel or work of another, though they of course can happen

(eg Huxley made deals with rosy visions of the future based on faith in the positive effects of civilization, which presented the Herbert George Wells Future Visions of 1901 or Humans like gods 1923). For Sexmission , perhaps for all, it is clear mocked the concept is to create a reality where men are excluded. Feminist Utopias is quite not uncommon literary theme. Community women breeding with partenogenezie appears even in 1915 the novel Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman suffragette, but rather, I do not think Machulski directly inspired this work.

antyutopiach In a number of problems which, in our familiar world, famous people often pose difficulty is solved by central management, appear in any traditional utopia. Therefore: the state enters the most intimate spheres of life of the individual. Procreation is controlled from above. In fact, the specific Sexmission problem is so simple that love actually no, there is a sexual desire. "A special pill shifted sex drive in rush to his career" - Max and Albert informs her (actually his) Excellency. The magic pill comes in many antyutopijnych but dystopijnych worlds. It seems to me that in this context can still hear the subtle reference to the social revolution and one of its main protagonists - the contraceptive pill. Seksmisyjna pill is a pill in a sense the opposite: not used for sex without consequences, but for a life without sex at all. Sexual behavior (in the obvious reasons, homosexual) show Only members of rebel groups which inhabit the mines, unsuccessfully suppressed by the faithful of Union officers.

learn how disgusted thawing heroes, "parthenogenesis is a form of virgin birth. A mechanical egg fertilization uterus (...) another cell of the female body. " Girls are created in laboratories, to look after them suitable workers are employed. When you get older, it takes over the education system, which is - as everywhere - the effective tool of indoctrination. The girls, called Juniorkami, learn how one of the people. Familiar, and therefore this quite interesting, are the definition of the word without thinking deklamującego parthenogenesis recorded child. Demonstrating the effects of the implementation of the niemyślenia probably sounds the same everywhere.

more efficiently for the world's major assumptions antyutopijnego staffage is determined. So here, as elsewhere, the number one is the uniformity. The representatives of certain departments of the profession have an appropriate dress. At first glance, workers can be distinguished from Genetix Archeo department. The students also look the same. In a world of career clothing is part of the identity, membership card and certificate to the system. Rebellious women of the mine to forgo this in favor of diversity, but also a lack of sterility characteristic of abandoned order. System governance is also reflected in language and communication: to mention just a formal way of welcome, the emotion and spontaneity which have nothing in common. Newspeak Seksmisyjna focus instead on this, why do you oppose, and what a good cause does not know: and therefore men. "Individuals of the second kind" and "naturalization of male" is probably the most typical examples. It is worth noting that the government understood here as the organizer of the standstill of the system determines one's life until her death. Characteristic of the dystopia is therefore appropriate to include older women tight control - for example, a total ban on cultivation of plants - combined with medical and social care in dedicated to the special areas. In Sexmission Branch is an old man who visited Lamia, who wants to learn something about their living archaeological exhibits.

Sexmission world is a world of utopia upside down a rule, people must be happy there. And indeed, there is a conformist individuals in some way good. One of the heroines, Tekla Genetix department, said: "We live in a world of regulated and quiet, without hunger, war, venereal diseases, and other men's inventions." Similar statements are joining in many antyutopiach. Responsibility for the evil bear a clearly defined enemy: a man, Other. Even more different, the unknown. Residents - in this case commonly by those living - the world antyutopijnego easy to accept this version and give up brought-out hence the conclusions. The problem arises when someone decides to rebel. However, dystopia, and the rebellion is the place. To antyutopia could fulfill its role in unmasking, dissenters are needed. And often - as in Sexmission - they do not come from inside a seemingly perfect world, but outside of it. Max and Albert is after all comers with a different reality. This is the reason they are able to see and identify gaps seemingly ideal society, and therefore entail others.

writes Przemyslaw Czaplinski (2003: 242) in his questionable article parting with utopia - antyutopia is usually peninsula. Reality dystopia can therefore be omitted. In the case of dystopic island isolated from the rest of the world would be impossible. The main characters Sexmission find a way to go. Expose the superficiality of reality with which they encountered, and discovering that a woman ruled by pseudo actually - ironically - the man. The fact that later they decide to - in exchange for a fragile egg, and a comfortable bathroom - to leave the deceived women in the underground world of appearance, is another question. The fact that liberated women from the shadows seksmisyjnych turn into submissive, mindless females, or skip the silence. Apparently, not only within the system, there is no paradise. Paradise is simply no.

PS. As you can see, fragmented Seksmisja currently hangs on YouTube. If you do not mind You in this ideological considerations, enjoy, until they become interested in the appro ... - pfu, no, no, we do not have central "relevant services" out of copyright - so: until I become interested in the direct interest.

Literature index.php? action = gl & ID = 83
P. Czaplinski, questionable separation of utopia in World bogus. Criticism and Literature to the new reality , Kraków 2003.

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Branislav Nikolic


rule but it shows that the right time for the annual list is not December this year, but the end of January one next. Enough time to get out of all possible drawers, trays, boxes (and through various channels undergroud rat) extract more what-what material that was recorded last year. That was the case this time. And yet, on the other hand, and musicians of all kinds fela like to somehow Nagura with issues around new year ...
Therefore, a brief summary of the year 2010. Far worse than the previous one, which however was not great. Not much more encouraging. Attended by an album for one-fifth less than last year, and for a long time I thought morio that this year is not top 100, but top 75 or top 50 Still, the end of the year he did his and this list remains unchanged from last year.
However, one characteristic mark this year. More and more cyber issues, more and more various compilations, there are more titles that are listed as EP , although the content may be letters (or almost the case) as complete albums. Therefore, the ex UK music industry is gradually forgotten, and everything of interest is located in the rat channels. Perhaps an unfortunate and sad, but realistic.
Like last year, I tried to extract from the list of various compilations, live albums, retrospectives, ethnic and artificial albums, but I do it purely due to the less mix Apples and Oranges, it would be less mess in the list and again to point attention to some albums need to listen.
Therefore, the first thing we present is, as last year, 16 album that would have to listen to for many reasons. List says, like this ...

Must Have ExYu outside the top 16 list (red is more or less arbitrary)
the 1st Mostar Sevdah Reunion - 2010
the 2nd Partibrejkers - higgledy-piggledy (live)
the 3rd Burial X - Live in Novi Sad
04th Boris Kovac - Chamber Music
05th V / A - Go, Play! (Funk, Soul, Jazz Funk and Disco Funk exYU from 1969 to 1987)
06th V / A - Electro-technology (ExYu electro from the 80's)
07th V / A - Negligence (electrician post-yu)
08th COMMITTEE - carefully tovariš (retrospective)
09th Urban & 4 - No mix! No sex! (Live)
Image10. V / A - 31210 Pozega (DVD kompliacija bands from Pozega)
11th V / A - Dark Scene vol.11 (ex-yu industrial / gothic / darkwave bands)
12th Štulić and sevadh shuttle band - do not show that you ufitiljio (live)
13th TBF - Perpetum Fritters (Unplugged)
14th Dejan Petrovic - Take a deep breath!
15th Ra - memorial
16th V / A - Time brutal people of good

come to the list. If some of the album from last year's production may have not mentioned here, there are two possibilities. Or we did not like, or the above mentioned channels, I ran into him. Apology in both cases.

So Plastelina exYu Top 100 list for the year 2010. read:
01 Damien Avdic - Life is a paradise
02 Incurabili - Whenever you're ready
03 Berney's Propaganda - My Persolal Holiday
04th Whiskers - Company brkatih boys
05. No rules - Homesick Blues
06th Rundek Cargo Trio - Blue plane
07th Erotic Biljan & His Heretics - H is for Heretics
08th Dario Seraval - Emomehanika
09th Multi-ethnic attraction - S / T
10th PMG Kolektiv - DA4
11th Walter et les Mandrilles - Abstinence
12th Easy - Creature
image13. Bambi Molesters - As the Dark Wave Swells
14th Ika - Sweet Path of Gold
15th Abadroza - No Effects
16th Supernaut - Rise of the Machines
17th Blue Tissue - Heart sound simulator
18th Vojko Heat & AC3PO - Bitches and Lasers
19th Bashekia & Edward EQ - Can I Play with Zour memories
20th Marquis - Perfect Light
21st Rough Blue - S / T
22nd Beogradski Sindikat - Discrete heroes
23rd Dubioza - 5-12
24th NIET - Trinajsti
25th F32 - S / T
26th Shot for the villain - Live at Studio Underground
27th Downstroy - One Size Fits All
28th Roze Poze - Who told by rock and roll
29th Stranded - Archetype
30th Nina Romic - Distance
31st Irie FM - Skills of Youths
32nd City - I
33rd Harp Explosion - ... in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ...
34th Livio Morosin - Glas Istre
35th Dragoljub - S / T
36th DJ & Wootchyak - Dog Day Afternoon
37th Quasarr - Propaganda
38th Sinobusi - Wagon ventilation tunnel
39th Rain kerosene - S / T
40th Marcelo and filters - Children and the Sun
41st My buddy Moose - Wonderful feeling of emptiness
42nd 2 Minutes Hate - Brain detonation
43rd Cinch - Calendar
44th Unbreakable - the same boy
45th Punk Art - Belly Tuzla
46th ZAA - S / T
47th Elemental - Vertigo
48th Electric Orgasm - As you see it is
49th Tzara - Portraits de Voltaire
50th Mizar and Harmosini - Child and bledoto more
51st Alfa Tica - Mirjana love you
52nd Revolts - Chaos and solution
53rd Landfill - Little Off the pants!
54th Dz! Dz! - And then I stop and think
55th Mothership Orchestra - Song for you
56th Miki Pris - Only fools and horses
57th AntiTodor - Punker
58th Third I - Birds
59th Lowered blinds - Durability
60th Acquired dogs - Who cares
61st Sevdah Baby - Ganz New Funk!
62nd TransBalkanDezorganisation - Standard Progressive
63rd Hornsman Coyote - Brass Roots
64th Gretta - I see what I see
65th Autumn Orchestra - Songs of the month and train
66th Sexymotherfuckers - Didonanu
67th MRT - 3
68th S3ngs - Modern sober
69th Third I - Biomachina
70th Dry Throat Nose - I'm with Greg
71st Dubara Sound - S / T
72nd The John - S / T
73rd Laura 2000 - ... we will kill the last time I see it 'I'm old
74th Autum For Free - Signal Test
75th Pack - Life begins at forty
76th Heavy violence - S / T
77th Andrew - I never called
78th Major - A handful of dreams
79th Bombay Printing - Let the DJ immediately below CJ
80th Fade of Sequence - Monohromatija
81st JINX - Dixieland
82nd Nonsense - Fall
83rd Fiscal account - Spirit
84th Street Leiner and Hrnjak - Force Majeure
85th La riots - Parallel Worlds
86th Overdrive - Explode
87th Third I - Everyday Madness
88th FC Apatride Untd. - Firing the Truth
89th Infrared - No name
90th Fluid Underground - December 91st
Zerkman BigBand - S / T
92nd Drop Dead - Live and Wet
93rd Deafness by Noise - Aim to please
94th Evernevergreen DJZ by Darko Dzambasov - Music to watch
95th Ana Pupendan - For local barbers
96th Cultural Entertainment Program - Ka Ze Pe
97th Good Guys - Atlas
98th Xarc - Dammation
99th Kresimir Buti - Aqua Jazz
100th On short notice - I'm Feeling Lucky

the end, of course, thanks to people from the site and where most of the material contained on the list of downloads.
I hope that next year in the musical sense to be successful. All good!

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Jacek Andrzejewsjki-three hours for free!

third hour free

Inspiration and assumptions

Third Time - Free is a project inspired by the phenomenon of urban space (parks, meeting places, bus stops), which became the natural territory of "advertising" escort agencies. Hundreds of thousands of leaflets photogrficznych silhouettes of naked young women is the cheapest form of advertising the world's oldest profession.


known and popular is the use of waste waste as raw material processing tzwn. recycling. Author of the project, Jacek Andrzejewski has treated these "commercials" as matters.

Multicolored pictures subservient IMAGE vision, which is a self-narrative art. These colorful landscapes made up of hundreds of colorful images, form a harmonious picture.

kolażowi proposal is close, but it is a cycle which consists of several ten copyright images. Style images threw the material from which they are created. It must be very discerning viewer to discover the true source is acknowledged.

[wrote Margaret Bocheńska ]