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"Well, you have already heard something about Third And here if you read one of the earlier posts. It seems that these guys just don’t know how to stop, but don’t think of that as something bad – on the contrary, here we have another brilliant album barely a month after the release of “Biomachina”. This time the subject is coping with quotidian insanity of ourselves and those who surround us, appropriately named “Everyday Madness: Daily Life Soundtrack”. Almost an hour in duration, including two versions of their earlier song “How Satan Gets Into Your Head” (each recorded onto its own side of the tape after the regular tracklist, both previously released by Smell The Stench on a split CD with Mein Kinder and earlier Third I album “When Tomorrow Hits…”, respectively), this dadaistic industrial noise recording will surely remind you of why it would sometimes be great without those pesky humans bugging you around. Limited to 15 copies. Released 19 Feb 2010. Circumanalis Records (Croatia)" Get it at

Clear Mucus But No Period

THIRD I - BIOMACHINA out now! Album Review

Press release
"THIRD I is a prolific industrial noise project and here we have about 20 minutes of fantastic soundscapes divided into 3 tracks, telling a story of not-so-distant future in which humans are “improved” by various implants and other high-tech SF gadgets until they become real cybernetic organisms. A great soundtrack for the upcoming apocalypse! The CD-Rs are packed in bags grid hardware to make the whole story more realistic and the release is limited to 50 copies. Released 15 Jan 2010. Circumanalis Records (Croatia). "Get it at

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39 Weeks Pregnant, Baby Pinching A Nerve


Third I have with this work once again change the publisher , this time they have given new confidence Zagreb diy label Circumanalis Records which publishes mostly audio cassettes, though not as compact disc CD is mimoiđen. So far published about fifteen editions as work began in September 2009. and who is interested can contact them ... Of course, the label has been launched exclusively for industrial, harsh, noise, experimental, and the corresponding 'odd' and harder digestible music scene, and published mainly limited editions of a few dozen copies. This paper was published as a CD.

From his latest, fantastic album, "iiiiiii" (2009, listen to the loudest / Helly Cherry diy), Third I have started to maintain more frequent concerts, and you will be lucky and good agreement concluded without the 'deaf phone', could to see them live somewhere in Croatia. It would not be bad to upakiraju with Figurative Theatre, Tearpalm, even if Bokerinijem find time for reciting his poetry slam. Alas, what that show was ... I say this because since the Gorillaz in Zagreb tremendously popular band concerts where the hordes are coming from, and this package deal from Nis, nothing drastic is not lagging behind for compressed, Pythia and the company in terms of sound. Boccherini their lyrical style and the closest, Figurative Theatre mostly EBM dance with very zvrkastim and quirky performances, Tearpalm closest to ambient music, while the Third and the most complex and hardest experimenters, but they occasionally achieve an occasional "plesnije 'djelce. They all work together and generally perform together, work collaboration and more a handful of tasks beyond their bands, and the Third And that is a project band from Nenad Popovic Cuprija occasionally helped by cooperation, but these teams. For this opportunity once again teamed up with the composing preferences Pedja Zivanovic, head, alpha and omega of Figurative Theatre, and this time came up, so to speak, an instrumental work that is largely devoid of vocal sequences except for a few short loop / spoken-word narratives that are quite incomprehensible .

As usual, their actions always have a story and concept, and this time it is a strange fiction of man as machine. S SF metaphorical rather the plot of cyber-Futurism through only 3 compositions in the duration 20 minutes, the pair was re-created intriguing music in which they left to the imagination and willingness to experiment. The first "Nerv" is arranged in harmony with the deafening suppressed hypnotic repetition of severe stroke rhythm machine and traveling trip-mixtures of noise that is nafilan vocal in nerazgovjetnoj jeki story text which, I confess, I very well understand the abundance halova and delay effects. The atmosphere is very mystical, neurozna and torn, just like to torture the nerves in the grip of stress. Next, "Cell" brings a familiar throbbing Throbbing Gristle noise ambience where they experimented with sounds to the full, but here is present a compact clock rhythm machines, as well as relevant designed 'blunt' bass effect, so that a track on some sections of the dance temperament, while the "medulla oblongata" heavy cacophonic vraških piece full of improvisation and lead bleak, almost harsh-noise atmospheres. As things stand, the Third I have given my not-so-optimistic vision of the world in which the leading role of cyber organisms, and is a very suitable material for a movie soundtrack with a very morbid the plot of the forthcoming end of the world.

Cd was printed in only 50 copies, was released 15.I 2010th, and so hurry because it will quickly disappear.

rating albums [1-10]: 8
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