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Replica Desinger Luggage

* CALL *


Slajdowiska and promotion of the book:

Racibórz 6.05-, 10.05-NowyTarg; 11.05-Pulawy, 12.05-London, 13.05-Warka and Grójec; 14.05-London, 16.05-Czerwionka; 17.05 -Oxen, 18.05-Czempiń;-KamieniecZąbk 30.05, 31.05 and Ostroszowice-Bielawa, 1.06-Wąsosz and Prusice

interview with me Fri "Free as a bird" .

new exhibition African (from 26.05 Katowice, then Nysa and Racibórz).

I raciborzaninem (b. 1975), a trained political scientist and philosopher (UJ), and love social activist, photographer, and above all independent setter.

Welcome to the multifaceted cooperation:

book I just spent Fri "The world at your fingertips."
sell oriental series of 10 postcards, and many great pictures.
present unique slajdowiska from the Middle East and West Africa.
offer photographic exhibitions.
testify requiring photographic services.
give lectures and classes okołofilozoficzne.
help at the coordination of cultural and educational projects.
action on matters of cycling infrastructure.
I present my art installations.
Sometimes I write a short poem.

... and then be surprised that I do not have time:)

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Random Stinging Pain In Shin

THIRD I & Tearpalm live Panic Room (wire), 4.2.2010.

Tearpalm in his live set, and third and wrapped in darkness suggestive of its latest plan keep your place!

Thursday, 4 February 2010.
Club "Wire," Prince Marko 5

show starts at 21h.
Admission fee: 100 RSD

"(if you see beneath Tearpalm says" post-industrial + + psychedelic ambient ", and below-THIRD AND" industrial + drone + noise. "So, it would be nice even if you are of legal age get accompanied by a parent.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ripped Brown Leather Sofa

WORLD at your fingertips

is finally ready! My book "The world at your fingertips" already available for purchase and for reading! Price $ 35 includes shipping throughout the country (please contact me via email or telephone on the details of the transaction - bills).

book has evolved over several years. It is a colorful record of escapades through Europe and the Middle East. Moves, laugh, soothes, provokes - invites to explore the world on their own.

I go in a less idyllic side, the north-east of Cetinji. With delight invades not-know-where. People knocking on the forehead, "what was the ride? there's nothing there. " And how do I explain to them that it is precisely for that NIC I go there? You have yet to meet the niefolderowe face of the country. Helping me at dusk in przesiadce to the next car, the policeman asks if I'm not afraid of wolves. I realized it only when demonstrated to the sound of that pet. I could answer him, "Officer, if the wolves have the missing teeth as you are not afraid."
(part of the Balkan relations, 88 p.)

I really like Turkish music. With this acquisition is to inquire of the driver with titles or names, that when I get off, it gives me two plates cd. Previously, the only thing about which he asked me, very broken English, is whether Poland in World War II fought on the side of Stalin. When he heard that, yes - of course I would be hard to explain to him all the complexities of that situation - is very excited and made a gesture between "keep up" and "Long live Stalin !"...
(section Turkish relations, 121 p.)

evening when I sit on the stone wall at the intersection, grubaśny barbarian walks up in rubber boots. No specific questions leans półlitrowy sip my water, then it turns out that he is a barbarian-friendly. Although we know of no common language, it has some great desire to communicate. So I lists the countries of origin of the car, which we are passing very slowly because they must overcome just paved Wertep Korea. France, Iran, Germany, China ... After passing śmieciowóz such two barrels on a metal frame that is drags city employee ... Then my new friend with a sneer, and his teeth bared reports: "Syria!" .
(excerpt Syrian relations, p. 215-16)

main contents of the book, in addition to several minor texts about the idea of \u200b\u200btraveling and hitchhiking itself, are the following stories (such as Spain, Ukraine, the Balkans , Turkey, Syria):

"Let them break their own, since so much of that planted, that is the end of Western adventure"
"My first time in the East and you do not feel sad looking"
"A Balkan ( Albania), B (Bosnia) C (Croatia, Montenegro), which is why I am not afraid of wolves "
" not a short story about a country where man's best friend is a dog, but the second man "
" O house of beauty 'Absolute' and Station Agent, which looks like a mannequin and a few other Pionki on board the Ukrainian-Slovak "
" Reloaded South West, that is, how does it relate to the coca-cola circumcision "
" What is the ancient and the dictatorship of Ramadan in the background "

[288 pages, 61 b \u200b\u200b& w photos, tzw.ecco cream paper-book, softcover, ISBN 978-83-930974-2-5]

The facebook page of the book you will find here.

video material devoted to the book can be seen on you tube (from 5min11sek)

position participates in the competition for the coveted statuette Amber Butterfly them. Arkady Fiedler (2010 edition), awarded the best Polish book of travel.

book review in Gazeta Wyborcza .

Warning! - Libraries may apply to the provincial coordinators Book Discussion Clubs ( complete list at the Institute Books), there is a possibility of external finance meetings copyright, connected to one of my slajdowisk .
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phantom Periods Post Menopause


long dreamed of creating the original series of postcards. Finally, be ready the first set. That's 10 wide variety of Middle Eastern fruit of my escapades. Characterized not only artistic value. Attracts attention to the fact that they have a large format (15x21cm) and the fact that each of them on the back has entered its short history.

any application from the ordinary sending, by putting on your desk, use as bookmarks, attach to the gifts, up to hang on the wall.

Price 5 zł / piece. When needed, I send mail (at the expense of the customer), but also an invitation to be picked up. Contact us via email or telephone listed above.

(click on picture to see available designs)

1. a smiling girl with Sanliurfy / Turkey;
second old man with a cane from Milas / Turkey;
3. Mercedes-chic with the Palmyra / Syria;
4th not really still life with Yahmur / Syria;
5th non-accidental chair of Cappadocia / Turkey;
6th Artistic watermelons from Zonguldak / Turkey;
7th rebellious camel to Palmira / Syria;
8th dzieciarnia of Deir er Zor / Syria;
9th white lady of Damascus / Syria;
10th donkey, which could be a teacher / Turkey

In preparing the second and third series. One of those classic black and white as polished aesthetic.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Brazilian Wax How To Steps


I have at this moment to offer three slajdowiska Middle East and an African. In this travel, photo and music presentations, live my comment is always adjusting to the age group - and for the youngest audience even have special versions of shows. Thus, they speak to everyone: from kindergarten to university age student in the third century.

Everything is arranged thematically and are not sure that simply shows photos cruise tourists. Do not focus only on the places visited. During the approximately 70-minute slajdowiska convey a particular moral and historical knowledge. Force the viewer to reflect on odmiennościami encountered. Injector to explore the world and broaden their horizons. In principle, it penetrates deep into the culture, trying to revise its related stereotypes.

All presentations are interwoven, of course, surprising adventures and meetings with people who are never short autostopowiczom. As the travel niskobudżetowo, I am living proof that the 'wish This can '. Gradually expanded the scope of their expeditions. Traveled thoroughly Western and Eastern Europe, and recently began to penetrate the Middle East and West Africa.

Links to several examples of the relationship with my performances: a 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Here you can listen to the broadcast of Turkey and Syria with my participation: radio Mittendrin
(in the "Archives", click there for a series of programs: "In 60 minutes around the world").

Because I do not have a multimedia projector, therefore, with further trips beyond the Racibórz, I would ask to provide the necessary equipment, to which I have to plug in your netbook.

Make contact with clubs, libraries, schools, universities of the third century, pubs, galleries, training providers, agencies eventowymi ... Pricing conditions for individual agreement (depending on the number of shows, distance, etc.) - the same bill. We are happy to arrive even in the farthest corner of the Polish.

Details available shows below.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

M Jak Miłóść


Slajdowisko "MAURITANIA, THAT FLIES more dangerous than al-Qaeda "is a three-week (September 2010) adaptation to the rather unfriendly desert, stuffy and militarized nature of the country. In the shadow of the war with the African branch of al-Qaeda toyotami 4X4 trails traverse, which once followed the Paris-Dakar rally. Bissap luscious drink, to eat meat give me a camel. I do not understand why so many people are uncomfortable wearing bubu. I admire the beauty treatments of the local women. Telepi world's longest train. I watch a unique blend across the Arab-African Negro. Drowning in garbage and the ubiquitous dust, furiously odganiam from flies. I know I'm in a real third world, who are not eager to change. And all the emotionally telling and showing the pictures, many of which had to do with concealment.
(very well received premiere took place quite recently, because the travel during the festival, "Windmills" in Racibórz, October 23, 2010 - link to the relationship TV )
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time To Heal A Spleen

* SYRIA * 2008

'antiquity and Ramadan with the dictatorship in the background "is an account of my month stay in Syria in September 2008. Present not only the famous and charming ancient places (eg, Palmyra, Apamea, Bosra) and medieval buildings (eg castles of the crusaders). I invite you also to the two Syrian cities of Aleppo and Damascus, not eschewing the sad commentaries on the social reality of the enslaved country. A separate, brief chapter also provides a showcase Syria as a museum of old cars - 40-year-old Mercedes, Volvo and Ford vehicles ... The great attraction of the show are also very direct for details of Ramadan - at all times of my presence in Syria lasted since the Muslim fasting.

want to know, while also seeing:
- What I was tortured by the first week exploring Syria?
- the percentage of illiterate Syryjek it and what wearing on his head?
- where he ended in its glory years, the Roman Empire?
- what the Biblical legend associated with the Euphrates?
- why Syria is so colorful and lively open-air museum of old cars?
- how to react to an excess of tourists camels in Palmyra?
- how the exceptional water wheels set in Hama?
- what is dżalabija?
- where the philosophical schools flourished in Syria?
- why so difficult to learn Arabic?
- what was left of the castles of the Crusaders?
- which the city says Syrian Shakespeare in Macbeth and Othello?
- how to get along Christian-Muslim dialogue?
- who guards the temple of the Hittite State remaining after the second millennium BC?
- where they fasted Simeon Stylites?
- which manifests itself in totalitarian nature of the Syrian state and who he really was supposed to be the current president?
- what are the dead city?
- why Lattakia is as liberal as the conditions of Syrian?
- which is Shi'ite mosque is doing a great impression with your przezłoconym, but not kitschy interior?
- międzymiejska why communication works better here, and what are the proportions between the price of petrol and mineral water?
- where Cain slew Abel, supposedly?
- what is the specificity of the black residential development?
- what is today the most important reminder of the world's oldest alphabet of Ugarit?
- what the New Testament language is still spoken in Maluuli?
- why I'm very disappointed to Damascus?
- which depict children for the father, returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca?
- that place in the main mosque for the Muslim world is the Umayyad mosque of the relics of St. John the Baptist?
- which is made of ancient Bozrah?
- Syrian sweets taste like and what is their main ingredient?
- whether during Ramadan, people will just pray and fast?

invite you warmly to much more - a common musical and photographic journey through all regions and dimensions of Syria, and the modern and ancient.
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Where Can I Buy Landjaeger In St. Paul Mn?

to Kurdistan in 2008

"ABRAHAM with the Kurds DANCE AT A WEDDING BETWEEN Greek columns," an account of my second month hitchhiking trip in less usual routes of Turkish. This time, instead of the northern and central parts of the country traversed western and southern coast. Present the rich heritage of ancient Greece to the Turkish territories. In addition, they report evidence of the flexibility of the Turks, carefully eye the prayers, I appreciate their ability wypoczywania them a lot and almost any other legitimate compliments. Encountered a critical look at Europeanised the way resorts. Every day I'm close to nature, animals, people ... I look to the Turkish cuisine, I stop at weddings, kids running around taking photos for szmacianką and thus brings me to the east until the border with Iraq, or to Kurdistan, where he was born Abraham - the patriarch of a joint for the three monotheistic religions. Since then I tell a lot about the diversity of Kurds, 80-million nation that still does not survive until its own state.

want to know:
- why do not we visit Troy?
- Where the territory of Turkey was born in the national consciousness of Australians?
- in which the ancient theater is best to sleep?
- from which place in Turkey comes from this country miss the most?
- which established the ancient Ionian city of feminists called the Amazons?
- like a Turkish barber working?
- why the altar of Zeus and Athens is no longer in Bergama?
- which manifests itself in the freedom of the Turkish automotive industry?
- they look like costumes for ritual circumcision of children and how they are dressed, those who make pilgrimages to Mecca?
- who wrote St. Paul, when he wrote to the Ephesians?
- where Alexander the Great took the horses?
- how to dance at a Turkish wedding?
- what is maspaha?
- what nationality I was a nymph posing in Side?
- what it means peaceful population exchange between Greeks and Turks?
- on which the cemetery can cry?
- what is spinning Sufi monk?
- what is the most effective equipment against ujadającym bezpańskim dogs?
- who guided me in Antioch, which is a great museum of Roman mosaics?
- as long as Harran, famous for the oldest Islamic university, will suffer drought?
- what is now the site of the biblical city of Ur, and what color to wear headscarves men of the Kurds?
- when the Syrian church extinct?
- as they look for years strained Turkish-Kurdish relations?
- that swims in the pond, which is linked to the Old Testament message of Abraham?
- or licorice can drink?

are just some of the questions that I answer in my orderly and colorful slajdowisku. Admittedly, this is already my second presentation associated with Turkey, but still exciting. Convey new facts from ancient history and fresh commentary on subsequent expressions of everyday life, both inside Turkey and Kurdistan, very different from European routine.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Do Drag Queens Tuck In Their Dick And Balls


Slajdowisko " THE FIRST STEP TO ORIENTAL "is a record of my monthly penetrate Turkey in 2007. It is considered a multidimensional portrait of the unique country between East and West. In addition to a variety of places (np.słone lake, nineteenth-century Ottoman wooden buildings, fantastic Cappadocia, wild coast) is also shown the rhythm of ordinary life: the 12-millionth of Istanbul to the forgotten village. I'm talking about the tea bar, on the habits of meczetowych and national differences in the mentality ...

If you are interested:
- which testifies to the uniqueness of Istanbul and what Napoleon said about him?
- whether a Muslim is synonymous with an Arab?
- what are the effects of aesthetic rivalry with the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia?
- as przeprawić to be on another continent?
- what the game is played in the Turkish bars and why there is no alcohol in them?
- where does the name of Safranbolu and why the Ottoman houses are there so many?
- why the Black Sea is not friendly plażowiczom?
- who began to modernize Turkey and what came out?
- where I found a statue of Diogenes?
- which fascinates me, so when it comes to the importance of a mosque in everyday life?
- what to ride on the Turkish roads and where they still are cars?
- where the way to Amasyi rice fields, and who saved me between them?
- who has me in the night and Amasyi or night you need to be afraid of ants?
- why talk so much about the Turkish flag?
- why people do not hide in their homes?
- what fruit you most pleased?
- why is the stereotype of Turkish coffee and how much there great tea?
- on what must be considered in Cappadocia, which grows between the local dust?
- whether Grey Mountains are truly colorless, and how not to get lost there?
- as a museum under the open sky in Zelve combined with medieval Christianity?
- what a special addition to the size of stands out to 70 km in length, Lake Tuz Goal?
- whether in the public space you can meet couples in love?
- which is decorated with patriotic formula of most Turkish monuments?
- or in addition to a very harmonious Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is also something special?
- whether Muslim headscarf is just an expression of some of enslavement?
- at the cemeteries maintained by cigarette smoking in Turkey?
- when Turkish women gained suffrage?

sincerely urge you to familiarize yourself with the contents of my presentation - a real Turkey has shown the ins and outs, all before our eyes and ears!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shannon Tweedcold Sweat Online

slajdowisko is special, in which pictures and music are just important background for the story. In this show, because in a loose form of presentation tells how to cheaply, safely and independently, you can organize your very exotic journey of life.

Starting language learning, and to find important web links, their personality, buying maps and economical packing the backpack, by including discussions about the different motivations pushing us on a journey, on the relationship between planning and spontaneity, of the reasons why you should also try alone, and finishing such as on the publications about finding places to sleep under the starry sky, the fascinating characteristics of hitchhiking, on the advice of photography and of course on his safe return home.

Salt of the speech are of course numerous examples of evidence-from my own exploration of the world, and that close, and that little bit further. Examples equally often blowing horror, what and sparkling unprecedented situational humor - but always gives much food for thought.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Where To Get Moonstone Ingredients Maplestory


For a long time the only available exhibition of my achievements was
"Turkey - the first step to the Orient." Still, it is ready to show in Poland, not only in educational and cultural institutions. Although format of these photographs (27 pieces) is not large (only 15x21cm) they are no longer sufficient material to admire and encourage the decision to penetrate the region on their own.

Now, however, I also offer three different sets of the exhibition, a lot more in terms of size (30x40 or 30x45cm, I have also to plexiglass frames them.)
first of the new exhibitions is "Turkey - fullness" (25 units). The second is "Syria - oddity in the wilderness" (27 units). Both are focused on people, there is little in its monuments and history . Rather, seek to portray modern life cross-country. Living a simple, serene, sincere, full of flavor and many colors in the case of Turkey, Syria, and in case of a more orthodox, and may sometimes bitter, but also full of surprising and ewenementów nice.

(click on the collective thumbnail to see more)

The third exhibition (27 pieces), black and white, under the title "The Middle East is not black and white" has a more artistic dimension. Perversely abandoning the use of color, is trying to reawaken the total Orient raw curiosity.

fourth, and the latest kit ready for exposure to the "Black Continent - white teeth" (25 pieces). Smiling and full of energy the heroes of this exhibition are the representatives of many ethnic groups of Mauritania, which is a specific mixture across the Arab-African negro, and arriving there for the work of newcomers from abroad, such as Senegal, Nigeria and Guinea.

still in the preparation of an exhibition in Mauritania, not portraits, but more reporter. Waiting for the declaration, coupled with demonstrations or completely independent from them.
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Angela Pitts Calendar 2010


Either you has an eye for photography, or it is not. I have. For a long time I only had eyes, then only a paltry device, but now when I have a complete and advanced equipment, the situation is almost ideal.

therefore propose that my broad range of photographic services, in many respects different from the dominant trend today, in which the reigns, or kitsch, or the triumph of form over substance and poses and emotion.

Probably not interest me "chirping" of photos - I look forward to challenging assignments from people who know that even the simplest subject can be treated exceptionally.

If I fail to meet these criteria, it simply give up and certainly not anyone even poor photos. Accept a wide variety of suggestions!

- photograph weddings (but on the principle of creative photojournalism, and most black and white)
- has carried out individual sessions or family (but ever so that was in this artificial posturing)
- I create a relationship with the events (but focused on something more than a documentation of the participants)
- I do photos for your promotional materials (but with obmyślonym background and context)

course described above, postcards or other pictures from this site, and most of all photographs (but not all) of my larger gallery and flickrze2 flickrze1 , I specifically prepare to sell on photographic paper, in an agreed format individually. My pictures are deep in the memory, not only in albums. Therefore, the choice is yours: either put a picture on the wall from IKEA, or something original from Szczasnego.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arbonne Hormone Cream Reviews


Proposals philosophers activities for children, adolescents and adults.

I believe that building a healthy society are mainly awareness-raising (self, world, issues, nuances of our reality). Only a conscious person will not succumb to manipulation. Philosophy has long had a liberating character. I would like to help her continue to bring joy to people.
because I am far from such a philosophy, that of A. Gide criticized in his aphorism: "When the philosopher responds, we cease to understand what we asked." I have a big gap to such pseudofilozofii who stumbles on its own, nothing substantial distinctions, and revolves around intoxicated by specialist jargon.
I see that can infect humans for the philosophy of authentic, unfettered, and aimed at including a very practical dimension.

therefore willing to undertake to carry out in schools, cultural centers, universities, third-century or any other facilities, activities okołofilozoficznych, which may be one-time, weekend or cyclic.
On request, they may take the form of more lecture or, more dialogue (I personally prefer the latter), I can provide more knowledge or more to stimulate its own research.

In my classes I always circled around questions about the nature of wisdom, I tried to be the apotheosis of dignified and happy life, I encouraged them to go beyond stereotypical thinking, I will often referred to the great beginnings of philosophy in ancient Greece, I'll show bearing on contemporary issues and everyday practice, I teach constructive criticism, I supported an open and creative discussion, I often clashed Western thinking with the rich traditions of the East.

Sample topics for children and adolescents:
- millipede, or by undermining reason
- Ring of Gyges, which is why we do not do evil
- Elephant with Baghdad, which is why there is much opinion on a topic
- Sword of Damocles that is, about the pitfalls of holding power
- Eye of a hippo, or how important is the peace of mind
- The lame king, or whether it is worth to be the same as others

Sample topics for Adults:
- philosopher: wise man or talker?
- "I think, therefore I am", that things are important but elusive
- "I do not altogether die", or how different religions approach to the phenomenon of death
- Parmenides vs. Heraclitus, that is, the unity versus diversity
- Europe, China and India - three ways of thinking and reacting to the same reality
- Spinoza's paradox, and so we are free if we only think so
- Plato, which is why a man twenty-first century is still not out of the cave
- ancient cynics and hedonists, or how words take on different meaning
- Socrates, that is, whether it is worth talking

Doctor of Philosophy, MA in philosophy and political science at the Jagiellonian University .
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Spot On Tongue No Pain

* ANIMATED-Action!

I am open to offers relating to the coordination of cultural, educational, civic - the place does not matter, foreign languages, they are not big barrier for me. Feel free to speak English, German, English and Russian, Czech and French I can manage it.

head full of ideas, great organizational skills, leadership skills and ability to find themselves in any situation are my strengths. I put high expectations and I hate the action at the last minute. six years of experience in animating the cultural and social events allow me to feel comfortable in this field. At that time, among other things:

- worked with the association of ASK in the debates urban Fri "The Task is to ASK" and, above all in the four editions nationwide Arts Festival "Ciało.Duch.Miasto" geared for action in public space;
- co-created Open Political Lounge, which is meeting young people who want to go over party divisions;
- loudly protested against the arbitrary and bad decisions municipalities in cultural matters, co-organizing large street demonstration artistic Fri "For all have enough space under the big roof of heaven" (from the same authorities received the 2008 award for outstanding the entertainers);
- assumed Raciborska SOFT CITY Cycling Initiative and to this day in this field activates the local community, including preparing periodic cycling of critical mass.
- in June 2010 helped organize a large and spectacular event Raciborskie Fri "Day of dialogue between history and modernity."

can fulfill the next project together? Waiting for your turn.

warn, however, that does not interest me, and inflatable mock media- activities that do not bring anything meaningful to consumers and are just the result of artificial manic writing subsequent applications after the EU money.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ear Problems Ankylosing


Here, in a separate place due to misunderstandings still arise, I want to write about the seemingly obvious. Well, for his described on this site is the work of collecting the fee. Do not publish texts or photograph for free, I do not do it any exhibitions, presentations or lectures without appropriate compensation.

Unfortunately, in our post-communist lies owskim thinking wrongly assume that cultural and educational activities should be regarded as something not licującego of financial reward. Today, nobody can think that the plumber will appear and perform his services for free, or that the printer did not agree to pay for the job. Meanwhile, continue to apply to persons engaged in the culture extends the creation of unfounded claims for free.

ideas of volunteering is the most noble, the very much in the way I did and now I do, however, in the areas described here in financial matters I would rather principled. The fact that my work comes from my hobby, it does not mean it has to be compared to Sunday's activity hobbyists. This slideshow is not yet a decent slajdowisko, 10 pictures it still is not reportage, time to speak it still does not make sense to lecture, and three pages of text it is not yet good article.

In every way I offer professional services, which require several weeks of preparation. I registered in this area of \u200b\u200bbusiness and pay it enough unreasonable taxes. Hence, please do not encourage me to join allegedly in exchange for promotion or for something as elusive, but you can not normally pay for a ticket, the bread and the bill .

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Examples Of Alphabetical Wedding Seating Posters

THIRD AND the Top 20 2009th Optional site

albums from the region: first
BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - Happiness Machines
second DreDDup - El Conquistadors
third Claymore - Metronome
4th VARIOUS ARTISTS - Tribute To Dark Lepa Brena
5th VARIOUS ARTISTS - For you it
6th THIRD I - iiiiiii
7th Syphil - Transfix Bitch, Early Works 2004-2006
8th PMG Kolektiv - Friendly fire
9th Ivan Čkonjević - Blue bicycle under clouds of rust / Instead of waking
10th PUNKREAS - Chapter through the wall
11th DBAU - Machine
12th PNDC & Housework - Secondhand Language
13. GRATE - Prodaj nas
14. FIGURATIVE THEATRE & SONIC TENSION - Dream Sequence Phenomena
15. COMA STEREO - Transgalaktika
16. PORNHOUSE - Hide Behind The Noise, vol.2
17. CHILDREN EGOISM - Eleven Axis
18. BEI THE FISH - Time To Make Things Right
19. TAMERLAN - The Antiexistence
20. DICHOTOMY ENGINE - Tales Of The Forgotten Ones

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shutter Speed Bridge Camera

* me and Bike

Lecture-presentation on the wider issues of communication cycling in Poland and abroad.

As the happy almost two antique bike (the Soviet Ural and enerdowska mifa), as an everyday vehicle operator, as a social worker involved in the initiative cycle SOFT CITY ( rowerowyraciborz ), as a person aware of global ideas related to sustainable urban transport as a co-organizer of the largest cycling critical mass in Poland, and as someone who has the courage to speak aloud their sentence is not always popular, I think I'm right about something to say.

Starting from the first inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci's bicycle, I have been following their full implementation in the nineteenth century, consider the advantages and disadvantages of this means of communication, I show how exemplary should be aligned with other transport modes, explaining terms such as whether a critical mass system "bike and ride, I present a list of cardinal errors and omissions in Polish cities, discuss good practice German, Dutch and Danish dywaguję the mods and complexes associated with this industry and at the end to prove that the bike is the greatest ally of the modern city, where public space back is focused on interpersonal contacts "face to face."

Lecture-presentation takes about 60 minutes, and like most of my initiatives can be directed to both younger and older audiences.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can Dry Humping With Clothes Cause Herpes

* "DIOGENES", that is for me?

My dear friend, Wojciech laugh, husband of lovely Marlene and father of two wonderful kids, Polish language and world traveler, author of the Guide to Moldova, publishing their reports in the "Policy", prepare for print position Fri "Notes from a trip to the dark side of the moon." This is a book that tells the evocative passages about his wgryzaniu in reality and in the recent history of Central and Eastern Europe. One of the paragraphs were devoted to our first meeting through in 2007. Here's engaging content:

Diogenes met one morning in the parking lot near Budapest. He looked a bit like Herman Hesse, tykowaty, bald, in round glasses. He caught hitchhiking. He returned, was not joking, of Sinope. Diogenes is a doctor of philosophy, a traveler, the unemployed, cultural animator, photographer, God knows who else. In Turkey, he spent almost two months. I look at him and I do not want to believe the guy is wearing a jaded jeans, sneakers embraced in sandals, rozchełstaną shirt. Well, a small backpack fastened to the lack of snap lock. Dangling from his half of the mats. Why half? Diogenes explains to me that it is important to have a mat on the butt to the head, legs can sleep directly on the ground and the whole foam mattress is not after every charge.
We stopped at a gas station in Zvolen, Slovakia. Diogenes peach treats. And he talks about his travel, to sleep anywhere, of eating only what his people give, that the journey is for him a kind of meditation. Glad to hear this, but in fact it is such a tale.
Diogenes I was impressed only at the time when, just before departure, that his karimatkę detached and thrown into the trash, saying with a smile, "That I will no longer be needed."
Let's go further. We stopped at a gas station in Zilina. Diogenes, who for all the luggage is only the second T 'and second, linen, pants going to change. The toilet comes out holding a zmiętolone clothes in which I've seen it before. Eyes looking dustbin. When it is, rags and throws an impish smile says, "It will not be me longer needed. "
Diogenes called Leszek Szczasny, lives in Raciborz, and since then I love him like a brother.

[in the picture: I myself, under the statue of Diogenes of Synopie]
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Denman Hairbrush Canada

* ART, but rarely

Modern Art, unfortunately, often wading in the shallows and intoxicates the mutual adoration, judging that the "smarter" is better. A common ailments it is also frustrating to overproduction - contemporary artist makes a point of honor for every six months to create something new, completely forgetting to fulfill this important content. Creates, he must, because it is an "artist" ...

I'm very far from that, inter alia, due to the large number of areas in which they realize. Contrary to the dominant trends in art, I care for a clear and weighty message. Instead of being limited to the diagnosis schyłkowości bezideowości and the world will spin out something constructive.
So far, so only one I released his work for the well-known Polish Gallery - a very personal installation at the intersection of art, philosophy and meditation. It is devoted to silence, which I wrote an essay published in "Philosophical Aspects of prose" [No (9-12) / (13-16), January 2004-December 2005]

source of this project is very positive and releasing spiritual breakthrough that has made me a few years ago. Idea But for a long time has evolved and was not born in its present form right away. Besides, every time his form, because of the circumstances, little has changed. The essence remains unchanged, since the meeting with the silence of this action in order to enhance the status of silence that has always been busily marginalized. This action, or rather non-action, in order to protect the deep meanings are constructed within the silence - protection from the tumult of inappropriate words, useless information, or conflicting concepts. It is an eloquent reminder of silence and returning to what was in the beginning.

In 2005-2007 the plant was shown in lokalu_30 in Warsaw, Lodz, as an accompanying event meetings are Artistic Aspects II: "Porn Generation," in Szczecin, as part of the "Night of the performers', held on the occasion of the prestigious festival, small theatrical forms" Counterpoint "and in Bytom in the famous gallery in the Chronicle and Gdansk thriving Center for Contemporary Art" bath. " There are no obstacles for the subsequent presentation of the project. Waiting for response and further invitations from the respective institutions.

addition at this time conceptually finalizes two new projects - like this "silent", connecting the arts, philosophy, and a variety of simple meditation. First, pt. "It's not all, thanks to the many mirrors and a Chinese story will encourage to look at the lining of apparent contradictions and randomness. And second, pt. "No-krologi" will encourage a more natural, liberated and fresh look at the phenomenon of death.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parallel Relay Kt-5165a

* POETRY or buzz? Copywriting

I do not think for any poet. I'm just a keen and sensitive observer. There were years when I flew it quite extensively on the paper, hiding in the drawer. As a result, unless some such pretty neat and succinct pieces earned. For example:

The houses of cards, marked or credit
of luxury phones, including geopolitical and
Christmas I'm looking for simple cribs

man to man a mirror. Not
captures him.

in this town is lying.
Even the bridge is a drawbridge.

Reflections forgotten about the original. Based
knows that they reflected.
nice postcard
ordered the exact address.
met in the Letter Box.
There were no traces of
only two stamps.

** There has been a duel.
That which can be touched,
with what can only think.
leads first.
strength stuff.

** What time traveler?
Half Past the road.

After a time I feel I'm still in arms, are very versatile, so I wear with a view to the creation of this exclusive book-parapoetyckiej album. I'd like it this type of duty, and a minimalist text harmonized with my twin achievements in black and white photography. Certainly, I fail to realize that idea earlier than in 2012.

I am convinced, however, that it will be something much more than a hum, which is posted Wyspianski: "To what, moreover, are like poets who do not have their own topics and just sit with folded arms leaning on lutes, to the strings Jeno bent and hum, and do not play "...
Unfortunately, such a buzz - mannered, overly cierpiętnicze, unnecessary egos Hermeticism - commonly served today, readers. Oh, if only the biggest Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza, a regular on Saturday in the "Christmas poem" publish something in that genre, suggesting to us that we are dealing with "poetry" when really, in my opinion, they are just tired, secondary, and too often empty jangly.

accident call upon Wyspianski. Well in 2003 Fri "Stars reach for his forehead," in Krakow Thumbnail wydałem publishing a book of his thoughts - in my selection, layout, theme and my introduction. I believe that and early twenty-first century might be worthwhile uncompromising observations of this versatile artist, wyzbytego complexes Europeans, singer of the nature of conscious reality ponadcielesnej, a philosopher of action karcącego all sloth and deftly jednającego romantic ethos of positivism. [Until quite recently, it was possible to find the end of the allegro effort]
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

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little like Mr. Jourdain of Moliere, who did not know that he speaks in prose, I do not know for a long time, I'm copywriter. Copywriter, or someone who can come up with catchy slogans, edit, or promotional information materials (the website for leaflets, brochures for), suggesting a graphical page idea.

If you have already worked out in such skills, I encourage you to take advantage of them.

I promise that as a born perfectionist, I will also be at the same time on the requirements of stylistic and spelling mistakes. I can also independently carry out orders for the correction - including substance - various types of texts and publications. Sizeable experience I have gained for example in Encyclopedia of Political Science kilkutomowej Zakamycze publications.

At the very outset, however, reject such cooperation of pharmaceutical corporations (I think the only useful their products are patches and bandages) or tobacco.
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