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Antyutopia, metro and eschatology

From seeing Controllers Nimrod Antal (2003), when in the film see the metro, I immediately think about the afterlife. Metro is a contemporary Styx, is not enough that you need to leave the ground, it's still in the dark, the crowd of anonymous individuals, they were taking you somewhere. In addition, without obol - which took over the function held, although rarely in his teeth, a ticket - can be hard. For this reason, when at the beginning of the human predicament saw a guy standing at the edge platform, I thought: "Oh Someone here just die. " With the belief that the hero is dead, I watched movie about halfway, then niIe I was so sure, and at the end, I discovered that the tooth did not know what's going on, but probably something going on, because the film seemed to be too well made, so to just about anything would not go.
Andreas, the protagonist of the human predicament Jens Lien (2006), shall be brought by bus to a gas station located somewhere in the total wilderness. Hanging on the building prepared for the old sheet with the word "Welcome". Landed and returned by car later became the city: waits for his own apartment, work accountant - and with it the computer and my own office. People are nice, boss cares about their well-being, soon meets the beautiful furniture saleswoman by trade and interior decorator with a passion. Life seems more and more arranged and pleasant, but still something did not play. I have no idea where the man there took and why, it was clear, but the hero makes an impression as confused.

Gradually the world presented in the film emerges from the good old - and most importantly: a familiar - the spirit of Huxley. In our world there is no love or violent emotions: Anne Britt, with whom lived Andreas is interested in only the vases, and furniture repair. He treats his partner as one of these elements: it's not moved away to another woman, not interested in coming back or his face covered in blood - important to be an evening with friends or accompanied her kart. Ingeborg, in which the protagonist falls in love with its remarkably resembles Lenin: as the heroine Brave New World was horrified by the prospect long view of Bernard Marx, so Ingeborg does not seem to impress the prospect of monogamy alongside Andreas. He says: "I did not know it was such a relationship. Serious, "and love with a man realizes that, although it is" nice ", but it is nice and many other guys she meets.

World, which got the title perplexing man, is sterilized. Not only the lack of emotion there. Also missing tastes, smells, sounds. Alcohol pitym all night at the bar, you can not get drunk. Hot chocolate is only a dream. Smell of the kitchen and baked cakes, the sounds of music coming out from behind a thick wall in the basement electrifies all residents of the house. The slit of light, for which there is another reality, but is soon cemented by officers in gray uniforms.

These services tentatively I called suicide because there are always there when someone is trying to do get hurt. When Andreas cuts off his finger (more out of curiosity than by accident), transport him to the apartment. Finger regrow. When a man tries to kill himself under the wheels of subway - without success - men dressed in identical carry it home to your partner. Wounds fade away. When some other unfortunate jumping from windows and poking fun at the fence, so successfully that flow from the intestine, only interested in the service of suicide clean up the body. What happens to the corpse's next? It is not known. But it's hard to believe the possibility of committing suicide, effectively.

seems to me that the interpretation according to which after the death of Andreas went to the afterlife, is not entirely misguided. But then what to choose? Dystopian certainly treat this reality as a little less hellish hell? Whether as a purgatory - while remaining within the Christian tradition? And maybe just as a paradise, where - as Zbigniew Herbert - "social order is stable, rational and governments", and if so, and happiness Forever ( sic ) is included in the package of benefits post-mortem? Maybe the place to which Andreas hit, it is mandatory paradise from which no appeal? Paradise, which in no way can be shaped and adapted to their needs, because it is unchangeable and - more important - have always perfect?

If the trail is right, the services of a suicide dressed in gray only lacks wings.

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