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rule but it shows that the right time for the annual list is not December this year, but the end of January one next. Enough time to get out of all possible drawers, trays, boxes (and through various channels undergroud rat) extract more what-what material that was recorded last year. That was the case this time. And yet, on the other hand, and musicians of all kinds fela like to somehow Nagura with issues around new year ...
Therefore, a brief summary of the year 2010. Far worse than the previous one, which however was not great. Not much more encouraging. Attended by an album for one-fifth less than last year, and for a long time I thought morio that this year is not top 100, but top 75 or top 50 Still, the end of the year he did his and this list remains unchanged from last year.
However, one characteristic mark this year. More and more cyber issues, more and more various compilations, there are more titles that are listed as EP , although the content may be letters (or almost the case) as complete albums. Therefore, the ex UK music industry is gradually forgotten, and everything of interest is located in the rat channels. Perhaps an unfortunate and sad, but realistic.
Like last year, I tried to extract from the list of various compilations, live albums, retrospectives, ethnic and artificial albums, but I do it purely due to the less mix Apples and Oranges, it would be less mess in the list and again to point attention to some albums need to listen.
Therefore, the first thing we present is, as last year, 16 album that would have to listen to for many reasons. List says, like this ...

Must Have ExYu outside the top 16 list (red is more or less arbitrary)
the 1st Mostar Sevdah Reunion - 2010
the 2nd Partibrejkers - higgledy-piggledy (live)
the 3rd Burial X - Live in Novi Sad
04th Boris Kovac - Chamber Music
05th V / A - Go, Play! (Funk, Soul, Jazz Funk and Disco Funk exYU from 1969 to 1987)
06th V / A - Electro-technology (ExYu electro from the 80's)
07th V / A - Negligence (electrician post-yu)
08th COMMITTEE - carefully tovariš (retrospective)
09th Urban & 4 - No mix! No sex! (Live)
Image10. V / A - 31210 Pozega (DVD kompliacija bands from Pozega)
11th V / A - Dark Scene vol.11 (ex-yu industrial / gothic / darkwave bands)
12th Štulić and sevadh shuttle band - do not show that you ufitiljio (live)
13th TBF - Perpetum Fritters (Unplugged)
14th Dejan Petrovic - Take a deep breath!
15th Ra - memorial
16th V / A - Time brutal people of good

come to the list. If some of the album from last year's production may have not mentioned here, there are two possibilities. Or we did not like, or the above mentioned channels, I ran into him. Apology in both cases.

So Plastelina exYu Top 100 list for the year 2010. read:
01 Damien Avdic - Life is a paradise
02 Incurabili - Whenever you're ready
03 Berney's Propaganda - My Persolal Holiday
04th Whiskers - Company brkatih boys
05. No rules - Homesick Blues
06th Rundek Cargo Trio - Blue plane
07th Erotic Biljan & His Heretics - H is for Heretics
08th Dario Seraval - Emomehanika
09th Multi-ethnic attraction - S / T
10th PMG Kolektiv - DA4
11th Walter et les Mandrilles - Abstinence
12th Easy - Creature
image13. Bambi Molesters - As the Dark Wave Swells
14th Ika - Sweet Path of Gold
15th Abadroza - No Effects
16th Supernaut - Rise of the Machines
17th Blue Tissue - Heart sound simulator
18th Vojko Heat & AC3PO - Bitches and Lasers
19th Bashekia & Edward EQ - Can I Play with Zour memories
20th Marquis - Perfect Light
21st Rough Blue - S / T
22nd Beogradski Sindikat - Discrete heroes
23rd Dubioza - 5-12
24th NIET - Trinajsti
25th F32 - S / T
26th Shot for the villain - Live at Studio Underground
27th Downstroy - One Size Fits All
28th Roze Poze - Who told by rock and roll
29th Stranded - Archetype
30th Nina Romic - Distance
31st Irie FM - Skills of Youths
32nd City - I
33rd Harp Explosion - ... in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ...
34th Livio Morosin - Glas Istre
35th Dragoljub - S / T
36th DJ & Wootchyak - Dog Day Afternoon
37th Quasarr - Propaganda
38th Sinobusi - Wagon ventilation tunnel
39th Rain kerosene - S / T
40th Marcelo and filters - Children and the Sun
41st My buddy Moose - Wonderful feeling of emptiness
42nd 2 Minutes Hate - Brain detonation
43rd Cinch - Calendar
44th Unbreakable - the same boy
45th Punk Art - Belly Tuzla
46th ZAA - S / T
47th Elemental - Vertigo
48th Electric Orgasm - As you see it is
49th Tzara - Portraits de Voltaire
50th Mizar and Harmosini - Child and bledoto more
51st Alfa Tica - Mirjana love you
52nd Revolts - Chaos and solution
53rd Landfill - Little Off the pants!
54th Dz! Dz! - And then I stop and think
55th Mothership Orchestra - Song for you
56th Miki Pris - Only fools and horses
57th AntiTodor - Punker
58th Third I - Birds
59th Lowered blinds - Durability
60th Acquired dogs - Who cares
61st Sevdah Baby - Ganz New Funk!
62nd TransBalkanDezorganisation - Standard Progressive
63rd Hornsman Coyote - Brass Roots
64th Gretta - I see what I see
65th Autumn Orchestra - Songs of the month and train
66th Sexymotherfuckers - Didonanu
67th MRT - 3
68th S3ngs - Modern sober
69th Third I - Biomachina
70th Dry Throat Nose - I'm with Greg
71st Dubara Sound - S / T
72nd The John - S / T
73rd Laura 2000 - ... we will kill the last time I see it 'I'm old
74th Autum For Free - Signal Test
75th Pack - Life begins at forty
76th Heavy violence - S / T
77th Andrew - I never called
78th Major - A handful of dreams
79th Bombay Printing - Let the DJ immediately below CJ
80th Fade of Sequence - Monohromatija
81st JINX - Dixieland
82nd Nonsense - Fall
83rd Fiscal account - Spirit
84th Street Leiner and Hrnjak - Force Majeure
85th La riots - Parallel Worlds
86th Overdrive - Explode
87th Third I - Everyday Madness
88th FC Apatride Untd. - Firing the Truth
89th Infrared - No name
90th Fluid Underground - December 91st
Zerkman BigBand - S / T
92nd Drop Dead - Live and Wet
93rd Deafness by Noise - Aim to please
94th Evernevergreen DJZ by Darko Dzambasov - Music to watch
95th Ana Pupendan - For local barbers
96th Cultural Entertainment Program - Ka Ze Pe
97th Good Guys - Atlas
98th Xarc - Dammation
99th Kresimir Buti - Aqua Jazz
100th On short notice - I'm Feeling Lucky

the end, of course, thanks to people from the site and where most of the material contained on the list of downloads.
I hope that next year in the musical sense to be successful. All good!


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