Saturday, February 5, 2011

What To Say On A Greeting Card To Your Boss

Jacek Andrzejewsjki-three hours for free!

third hour free

Inspiration and assumptions

Third Time - Free is a project inspired by the phenomenon of urban space (parks, meeting places, bus stops), which became the natural territory of "advertising" escort agencies. Hundreds of thousands of leaflets photogrficznych silhouettes of naked young women is the cheapest form of advertising the world's oldest profession.


known and popular is the use of waste waste as raw material processing tzwn. recycling. Author of the project, Jacek Andrzejewski has treated these "commercials" as matters.

Multicolored pictures subservient IMAGE vision, which is a self-narrative art. These colorful landscapes made up of hundreds of colorful images, form a harmonious picture.

kolażowi proposal is close, but it is a cycle which consists of several ten copyright images. Style images threw the material from which they are created. It must be very discerning viewer to discover the true source is acknowledged.

[wrote Margaret Bocheńska ]


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