Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Are women better bosses than men?

Oliver Vucetic
Is it preferable to have a woman or a man for a boss? According to surveys, half the parent does not have a big impact on employee productivity and interpersonal relationships within the team, however, women in leading positions have certain characteristics that make them better managers.
As a rule, women bosses are more understanding of their colleagues and know how better to motivate radnikeDOBRA ORGANIZATION - women have more prominent organizational skills than men. From time immemorial, led household, and will probably in your company actually function as a Swiss watch. Try to keep a Documentation, do not be late to meetings, in a word, that everything is under control - skills to appreciate your effort.
NO RETIREMENT - female boss has a strong need to prove himself in the business world that is still male. Will show a strong competitive spirit to win some uncertainty, so why would you expect to follow its goals and help her with their hard work to prove that there is no accident. Only the brave, because this is for you a great chance to show the progress.
finer style of business - both verbally able than men, women head more communicative in treatment, more intimate, and it is not foreign even to use charm to get the job done as easily. Rest assured that you have any negotiations with it will not be easy, but it will certainly know better to explain what exactly is expected of you.
One of the biggest weaknesses of a woman boss, and each Women need to appeal to everyone. It tends to be the best, and you and every business failure experience as their own. You will hardly be able to explain that some work is not finished because it will for you in the eyes of his superior to look incompetent. What advise subordinates, in addition to individual effort.
Emotional Intelligence - the head of women will have more understanding of his associates. If you have a small child, it will be easier for you to approve the day off, as she too has probably gone through a similar situation. Inserts also better assess when just not your day.
EASIER TO VIOLATE THE RULES AND ACCEPT THE RISKS - if something has be done, women are more likely to violate the rule rather than accept failure - business rules are already set up men, and with them to compete, is not it. The risk is always there anyway, so why then do not download. However, from their subordinates will, as expected, required to stick to the rules.
UME to motivate - better is that of male colleagues. Persistent and convincing in supporting, it probably has to do with greater expressiveness of expression, as well as biological reasons. Inferiors, like children, need support and words of support which acts as a wind at your back, and she knows it so well.


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