Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lorena Herrera Fotos Del Calendario

Autumn and I

color will fade, there is no god. When we can not stop the process, let it at least slow down.
* Drink green tea, an excellent and cost effective ally in the preservation of the bronze color.
* Avoid hot tubs. Take a shower with warm water.
* Maintain the color of self-tanning creams. During this period, more natural shades will look brighter, so choose them.
* Do not go to the Solarium, it causes melanoma, the skin dries out and accelerates aging. However health is more important than tan.
Before October it is not advisable to do a professional chemical peel because the skin is not fully recovered from damage suffered during the summer and the sun is still quite strong. However, in October, requires a thorough exfoliation. Will release the skin layers of dead cells, ublažićete any stains, but also allow the active substances of the preparations to operate more efficiently.
third Hairstyles for rainy days
humid weather is the biggest enemy of hair.
* If your curls curve and the curve of moisture, in the end put a little gel.
* In rainy days the hair is the best pick up in a bun. This is a great opportunity to walk a new cap or hat.
* Flat, smooth, yet fast isfenirana hair will frizz if it's raining outside, so that these days should not bother correcting or ironing. If you must, apply some of the above packages for hair straightening that does not wash.
4th Crayon AGAINST WHITE bloody eyes
We returned to the office, before computers, before television and in the evening. From so much looking at the various screens of the white wants to turn red. It is also suitable for wind and dust. If you have this problem, the inner eye lid put white crayon, it will neutralize the redness.
5th The grapes for a radiant TEN
If the pores on your face visibly expanded, rub the face mashed fresh grapes or juice that will make soaked swabs and deploy them in the face. In both cases nutrients needed 20 minutes to penetrate the skin pores expensive and refresh the complexion. Wash it with lukewarm water after these treatments.
During this period he wants to show up and pimples, even if the skin is dry. Mash with five to seven grains of white grapes and mix with a spoon cereal. Mass Apply to face and rinse with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.
6th WHEN Falling Leaves, Falling of hair
Ahead of us the period when the hair fell most. So use shampoos that contain pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E, sage and mineral salts. They also prevent the decline, strengthens hair, stimulates microcirculation and natural hair growth.
the early autumn to cut the. You do not have much to cut your hair, it only takes three millimeters and refresh dry, flowered area. Hair will liven up and if you replace an ordinary shoe kocentrovano package. However, if your hair craves moisture, the root is not the case. So pack apply from top to root. First, it spread first two thirds of the hair, wait ten minutes, and then put it on the part closer to the root. Allow another five minutes and rinse well.
We know that the patches of sun persistent, but not indestructible. Eliminate them in two steps: * In the morning
spread the darker places with serum vitamin C. He lightens pigmentation spots.
* evening put a tool for removing stains from posvetljujućim ingredient niacinamide.
9th Take a shower OIL GELS
After the flight is the best douche oil baths that preserve the natural moisture of the skin. Soap, of course, remember and apply contrast shower. It's time to light and moisturizing lotions replace fattier milk for the body. Pamper yourself after every shower to feed dried skin.
10th Active oxygen, ACTIVE CARE
Active oxygen has a beneficial affects the skin, and it is available in every pharmacy and not expensive. If you have a slightly larger budget, caring face of thermal waters. Rich in minerals, they soothe irritated skin, rejuvenate it, hydrate and restore shine and vitality. So it's good that your day cream containing thermal water.


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