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Display uzurpatorskog concert in Nis

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Bar (ex-ship) of this fall opened the cellar (gunpowder) for live gigs. Here another nice place to live performances in the city where there are no such places too. It was a unique opportunity to happen a less conventional gig. Dreddup were on tour in Bulgaria, that's a chance to visit Nis. The concert was scheduled.
From the viewpoint of someone who grew up on the industrial sound, and who has followed what Dreddup work over the past decade of their existence, this is supposed to be a very significant event in the town where not a frequent occurrence that this kind of music played live. For local support Dreddup chose Figurative Theatre, which is expected to serve as an announcement for this event. Dreddup and Figurative theater were old acquaintances from the concert podium and repeatedly shared the stage throughout Serbia, and this should be a fine druzenje. Before I start playing, it was too public, but people came prepared to enjoy what there attend.
However, before I start playing, artistic incident happened, the band instead of the FT, the stage appears guerrilla art trio Third and and suddenly (sudden haha \u200b\u200b- prim. N) over the term meant electronic dance music, which was to serve as a prelude to a fierce Dreddup! For one lap gun was Nenad Popovic, and generated the basic sounds of manufacturing halls, facilities, industrial with ambient light admixture of distant rhythms. The other lap gun was Ivan Milosavljevic and hidden in the shadows, he ran a live sampling. For vocals was, and still another of the guerrilla artist and performer Pedja Zivanovic. In the beginning, dressed in black bags plastered strips, covered with nylon and have begun their audio terror, and terror of classic notions of music and the way it is interpreted. While the two performers to generate a full lap cannons live sound, without the use of tools and dies, Pedja rolling on the floor, lit by lamps explaining why audiences need to do an exorcism of the dormant spirit of , showed the middle finger to the conventional art and music that dead has become a slave to money and business . Behind the scenes, set the video beam on which was written and Third, with a picture (logo of the band) bar code followed by the promalja head, which is trying to break free of slavery in the konzumeratorskog society. All in all not too long performance, the complexity of subject matter and the order to leave room for the main star of the evening: Dreddup! Third I have here really reminded of Throbbing Gristle, whom many compare them when they played in the original lineup. Most everything was painted Dadaism and anti-art movements of the early twentieth century.
The audience has a little more people, lights turn off, the video-beam begins to rotate different shots, film video of last time ... trains, the cosmos, abstraction, details of the various concerts ... a lot, but just none of it was not possible to thoroughly examine, for the simple reason that they Dreddup started its performance. Very theatrical, with the sounds of classical music! Moves unique experience ... interspersed large industrial hits from the region: Not from here, Return of TV, First Blood, Invisible Tears, Pain .... Not to mention further.
I must say that this is the first time that I look Dreddup the new lineup. The new bass player, this time girl, Alex Vukosevic and Zoe on guitar (sorry, because I do not know the whole name guy). This setup sounds very compact and convincing. Play precisely and powerfully. Mikin voice breaks down the walls powder magazine. Franco's drum is a powerful tool that thumping rhythm space! Dreddup grind everything in sight, leaving a phenomenal feeling. All present were surprised, all but a few of us who have had the opportunity to enjoy the many Dreddup evenings and spend time with the band in recent years. It can be said that this concert is just the beginning, the quality of the band procuce in this region and Dreddup will acquire its audience and the south, just as in the north where the very famous band. At times sounded closer to Dreddup Prong, at times Laibach, and yet so ourselves, incorporated in the personal aesthetics, with songs that carry weight and to express authorial stamp. At one point, before the end of last year the band was about to collapse during this gig, I realized how big it was shame. Convincing and exciting explained what is industrial and how the industrial playing! Intransigence is their other name: They say: Hey you, monkey man, wake up and smell the pain!
live audience, the concert is more than able. Razgovaravsi with people who were at the concert, I heard what I knew: Dreddup they played a great concert!
Well, now you know who they are and how dangerous Dreddup pig, next time will be even better time, although this time is not detected, and together they left Kumbara in good mood!
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THIRD AND the finger art
drugarenje after gig


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