Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Current And Present Information On Albinism

I am (NOT) one more Shopaholic

The first thing to do is admit that you have a problem. Tell me about this issue with those who had no financial problems.
Avoid ‘wet areas’ Create a list of places where you like ‘deliverance’ shopping. If you have the road, ask friends who are ready to reprimand every time you go shopping more. Find a hobby Find other activities which could divert the mind from shopping. To the gym again, maybe? Set aside money After receiving salary, for the money to some parts. Eg for transport, meals, saving up to shop. And shopping can be for all sorts, ranging from dining at restaurants to buying goods. Write down everything In the first two weeks, record all your expenses, without exception, even to buy sweets though! thus, clearly derived with your efforts so far allocated to anywhere. Throw away! How unfortunately you with credit card in your wallet, it’s time to retire and only put a few pieces only, with small limits. Must bear Window shopping when the store closed, or put your wallet at home! Need and want are different Worn-out shoes, and you want to buy a new one. It takes its name. But if you have a specific brand and price, this has become a desire. See the difference? More productive Divert to buy goods with high investment values and could not fall, such as gold and jewelry, or mutual funds, stocks, maybe even deposits. The title is also shopping, right? Think many times After seeing the goods you want, go away and give yourself time to think at least two days. If you still want, please buy original budget and do not wear enough debt! Read the following guidelines before shopping
1. Remember, it only takes, not because the price just drool.

2. More focus on goods that meet the needs of regular.

3. If you buy goods such as food, check it on shelf.

4. Nothing wrong to set aside some amount of money each time shopping. Because today you’re buying shoes, for example, that means you are obligated to set aside some money to be saved.
5. Write down the items to be purchased, and make priorities.

6. Avoid shopping with a hungry belly, because it could trigger you to spend excessive


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