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Carl Zeiss Jenazoom Ii 28-200mm

top Anime Film Review - 2 edition of World of Little Brother

March 26-27, 2011 in Multikino will be the second edition of Film Review, Anime. The event is organized in 8 cinemas Multikino, namely in Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw (SEMI), Poznań (Stary Browar), Szczecin, Warsaw (Golden Terraces) and Lodz (Silver Screen).


Evangelion 1.11 (2007 )
dir. Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki

is a renewed version of the famous theatrical anime series Shin Seiki Evangelion , issued in 1995 - 1996. Writer / director Hideaki Anno and produced by Studio Gainax. This time, are produced by Studio Khara in collaboration with the Studio Gainax. The action takes place in 2015, fifteen years after the disaster known as the Second Impact, reportedly caused by the collapse of the Antarctic meteorite that led to the displacement axis of the Earth, climate change, flooding and reduce the human population by half. When humanity manages to partially repair the damage caused by the disaster, the New Tokyo-3 - military town located in the arid regions of Japan's past - attack the strange creatures called Angels. Conventional weapons, it appears to them useless. To fight in defense of the Earth was the organization NERV, who constructed a biomechanical robots Evangeliony, controlled by the designated for that child. In addition to defending against attacks by the Angels, NERV has one more task to perform, Complementation of Humanity Project, a major force vigilant on the project is a secret organization SEELE. The main character is a boy of fourteen, Shinji Ikari. After years of separation from his father is summoned to the headquarters of NERV, where he learned that to be a pilot of Evangelion. Will be ready to take on this task, which depend on the fate of the world? (100 min.).

crimson pilot (1992)
dir. Hayao Miyazaki

Italy, 30th year the last century. Behind the wheel of a red airplane sits a man with the head of a pig. It is famous as the skies, known as Porco Rosso or crimson pirate. Excellent remote and surrounded by a widely respected character, which are extremely effective in fighting air pirates, rabujących and compelling people for ransom. But you do not stay idle. Rent as talented pilot, Donald Curtis, an American, to liquidate the problem, which is crimson Pilot. Curtis ruthless will stop at nothing to win with our hero not only duel in the skies, but also compete for the favor of a beautiful woman.
(94 min.)

Ghost in the Shell
dir. Mamoru Oshii

The year is 2029. Computers changed the whole society. They are present almost everywhere. Changed the definition of the crime. It is the worst crime of hacking into the network. To prevent this set up a special unit Section 9, consisting of the cyborgs that have access to the network from anywhere on Earth. Ghost in the Shell talks about the search for a couple of dangerous agents of hacker hiding behind a pseudonym Lord of the puppets.
(83 min.)

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)
dir. Mamoru Oshii

on Earth in 2032, the androids and robots exist almost on a par with men, and govern the world of large corporations, crime syndicates, and an absolute genius criminals. Batou is a cop - cyborg working for the elite section of the 9th Along with the detective Togusą begins investigating the mysterious murders that lead them to where the boundaries between man and machine no longer exist.
(100 min.)

Blood the Last Vampire
dir. Hiroyuki Kitakubo

Japan, the year 1966. Saya is one of the secret unit in charge of fighting demons. Is sent to American military base in Yokocie, in the guise of a student to investigate. He discovers that two people from the class are vampires in disguise, at the time have decided to try an attack on a school nurse. At the same time, colleagues Sayi the branch, there are another demon, this time pretending to be a bartender in the red light district. This leads to a spectacular battle.
(48 min.)


dir. Hayao Miyazaki

Wonderful, unpretentious and has the incredible magic of animation coming out from the Studio Ghibli sign a sensational master director Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away: In the land of the gods, Howl's Moving Castle). The film tells the story of extraordinary adventures, and small fish Ponyo year-old boy named Sosuke, who is her best friend. It's about fulfilling dreams and observing the innermost secrets of the largest secrets.
(101 min.)

Laputa - Sky Castle
dir. Hayao Miyazaki

Pazu Life, an orphaned boy from the mining settlements, changes in a moment when his arms straight in from the sky drops a girl around your neck with a light green stone. It turns out that sheet and its mysterious necklace are the keys to find the mythical, floating somewhere among the clouds, full of secrets and treasures Laputa Castle, according to legend, once inhabited by a highly developed civilization. Sheet must flee before the army and the air pirates, who at any price they want to find the legendary castle.
(124 min.)

Sky Blue (2003)
dir. Kim Moon Saeng

most expensive animated film in the history of Korean cinema. The story is set in the future. Human civilization as a result of continuous wars and environmental pollution has been destroyed. Some people managed to escape and start a new city Ecoban, which draws its power precisely from contamination. (86 min.)

Perfect Blue
dir. Satoshi Kon

Mima, a famous singer decides to try out his acting capacity, as a result leave their current job. Quickly, however, it appears that the work is not an actress so that she imagined, and films in which the game are filled with sex and brutality. Torn internally Mima begins to have hallucinations and haunt her past in an imaginary person mimy singer.
(81 min.)

March 26 (Saturday)

- 12:40 Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone
- 14:30 crimson pilot
14 : 45
- 16:00 Ghost in the Shell
- 17:55 Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
- 19:00 Blood the Last Vampire

March 27 (Sunday)

- 12:40 Ponyo
- 15:00 Laputa - Sky Castle
- 16:40 Sky Blue
- 18:15 Perfect Blue

Tickets and passes available at the theaters organizing Review: 12 zł - ticket for a single session, 60 zł - two-day pass.


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