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Memory of Earth. The road to utopia

When a man by the end destroys the home planet, perhaps somewhere he is able to create new and better world. A world where people will overcome the space in a few hours in order to throw off a bomb that kills thousands other people. A world where technological advances will serve the development of culture and art, not including branches of science, the effects of which can be used to inflict death. Perhaps he will be able to create a world in which physical strength of men will not serve the cause of social domination. Perhaps he can even create your own god, who will guard the frontiers of human knowledge, never in human history did not repeat the story of total destruction.

But even such people actually furnished anything will be different from their ancestors who had the opportunity to call yet Earthlings?

Like Orson Scott Card. A bit of tale (usually), some things to think about, and very skillfully conducted and interesting narration of the story is definitely a good combination. In this respect, Card is a brand, there are no disappointments. In Memory of Earth , which is the first volume are Agi Back home, the world is made of Harmony, in which 40 million years since they live people after they destroyed and left the Earth. To prevent a repetition of the tragedy, the first refugees have created a giant computer, which was to store the achievements of their mind, and so direct their thoughts to move all those dangerously close kierowaƂyby toward inventions related to the work of destruction. This computer - Oversoul (originally Oversoul ) - was designed for 20 million years. After this time, humanity is on schedule with the help of Oversoul had better return, transformed to its home planet. It took, however, twice as much time, and people do not become to others.

Harmony depicted in the novel Carda, in some sense realized utopia. People live according to the immutable rules, which have conditioned the public peace and stability. Leaving the city or returning to it is recorded through biometrics. On the Harmony of there marriage, couples sign contracts to be temporary, but can easily be extended. Women and men do not keep the household together, live apart. Boys of a certain age living in his mother's home, where he charge science, and then move to her father. When you grow up, parents are them "aunty", ie trained prostitute who brings them into the secrets of sensual delights. P about the city or in its vicinity wander naked women, facing the religious vision dzikuski, known as sacred, that may lawfully be sexually abused, and simply raped. Traditionally relations between residents and residents of depends on their social status, but primarily on gender.

At Harmony we look from the perspective of a teenage Nafaia to be wybrankiem Oversoul. Gradually we learn the reality in which the boy lives. Harmony is a world run by women. A man who has not signed a contract with a suitably important citizen or who is the son of major-in women, little can be achieved: not even the right to purchase the property. It is fair sex but have a decisive voice in the matter of the contract. This particular item women in the society described is related to the dominant religion in Harmony: generally only one - by taking part in the ritual bath in the holy lake come into regular contact with the deity - Oversoul. Oversoul however, become increasingly weaker, and therefore weaken the principle upon which the social structure in the city. May soon start a new massacre, re-quest for annihilation. Harmony Residents sometimes wonder about the existence of his deity, but even if you doubt concerning, it is not accepted to speak out. The cult of men and women differ, although both sexes believe in the Oversoul. Interestingly, as men and women give the impression that they are not aware that it is a product of a mind of their ancestors.

world depicted in Memorial Earth is an interesting combination of many typical fantasy elements, including utopian themes, travel, star, and the theme of taking control of body and mind by another, higher being. How do u Card, one needs to ask when reading a few questions. Is the government putting anything on them may actually contribute to jakiekokolwiek good, or maybe when the game comes a choice: kill the body, usually to save, just about alleged welfare? If this man created a god, not necessarily in his own image and likeness and although that it not be named, why allow this, that the god so easy to take over control of it?

And so I passed by the thought that maybe this computer depicted in the novel quasi-god of Harmony is only a tool of god correct? Because maybe it is It is a mythical guardian of the Earth, waiting patiently for the prodigal humanity in paradise from which man emerged at the beginning?

decent piece of prose. I recommend.

Author: Orson Scott Card
Title: Memory of Earth
ISBN: 978-83-7648-538-6
Original title: The Memory of Earth
Publisher: Zebra i S-ka

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