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Colour Ideas For Hallways

-March 18 screening of another side of the city - meeting with the director.

Another side of the city
(Another Side of the City)

start 19:00
Poland has always been a multicultural country. Different nations - their cultures, religions and languages \u200b\u200bin the Republic formed a colorful reality. PRL War II and largely destroyed the world. Over the years that have passed since 1989 is slowly coming back to the interesting dimensions and colors created by foreigners in our country. Show them in a selected area of \u200b\u200ba limited number of streets of Warsaw, Prague. Thanks to the people living here want to explore Europe, tolerant and open to everything around them. Established small community formed by citizens different countries. Over the years its members have become local patriots and tied to the environment prevailing in the atmosphere.

- Warsaw Praga North.

Jacek Andrzejewski. Jew and a Pole in Germany at the same time. Tall and skinny as a stick is always in his immortal black fraczku. Looks like it just came out of the frame of pre-war Polish film. He is an artist. Creates images of stone, which can be found in Prague and in many cities in the world. His life's project is "Kamienikon." Once I finished school Kenar in Zakopane, where his teacher was Wladyslaw Hasior. In 1968, like many others left Poland. He spent many years in exile in Germany. Once it was possible to come back and since then his home has become a Warsaw to Prague.

get to know the main character. He talks about himself, about people and places of Prague. The pretext for the display of traces are left Jack for many years in different places of the district: - figures from the stone walls of buildings, mosaics on the sidewalks and steps, stone, stained glass ...
Appears Jack's wife - Natalia, who is Ukrainian with its own artistic expression. Quickly get to know her better. Adds a few words about Jack, which he could not say the same. Next to Prague, viewed by people from different worlds.
Along with the main character to reach one of the backyards on the street November 11. Some call it the Liberty down the street. You can hear the music. Man playing a strange instrument, issuing a specific sound. Accompanied by a woman. This is Natasha. It is Russian, who has for years along with Wojtek (a man with an instrument) are a musical project called "Steeldrums.
get to know the story of Natasha. Once came from Russia to the Polish trade and has been - in love with Wojtek and his music. We show what they are doing together:-production of unique metal drums and enabling precise fine tuning to play each song. We find about this during a short trial. It's actually a band of the world open to all who have something to add (short archival material.) Sometimes it makes some people - sometimes a dozen. Conductor always Wojtek Sówka (listen to it).
It also tells David - a Frenchman and a little Pole. He lives in Nice, Prague, but spends several months a year, contributing to "Steeldrums. We conclude the musical "punch-line of David on drums.
Linas Learning. Linas is a Lithuanian, and in fact the Szawłów Żmudzinem. Along with the other foreigners we meet him at work in Prague with children who never go on holiday. They paint the facades of houses are no longer the site of the existing craft. On the basis of other evidence of trying to recreate life in the long-demolished buildings. Imagine how it looked once Prague. We all need to imagine anything, because they were not here. When working with children We find Caroline. I'm Italian from Rome, which has chosen liberty on the street ...
Linas Prague paints trees. This unique project - show how and what it means ...
David, Natasha and Wojtek Prague teach children to play on steeldrumach. Jacek teaches small stone painting - paintings created on the sidewalks and facades.
With the help of our heroes show the realities of ...
goes through the streets of Prague on the old woman, a folding bike. We see images of the streets: Little, Konopacki, and Vilnius. Dusk. Cyclist rides away. Reaches the "Sensunonsensu" - the latest, important places of Prague. Learning cyclist: Zhanna. It is Russian - actress and singer for many years living on this side of river. Playing in the famous Polish series, but most in the theater. He regularly cooperates with Krystyna Janda and her theater Polonia ...
already dark. Future Alex - Englishwoman in London. There is currently no thirty years. Is in love with Eastern Europe. For several years, supported by Prague, which is treated as a base for trips to the East. Well speak Polish and Russian. He works for the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights ...
concert begins with "Steeldrums. There is a lot of new characters. Dancing girl in a costume reminiscent of the Warsaw Syrena.
Ząbkowska Street. Meet Mira - Bulgarian (twenty years). We talk with her in the "clouds of the Absurd," where a few years ago, began his life in Prague as a bartender. She came to Polish to study journalism. In the meantime, she learned to mount the TV. There is already a recognized editor. He dreams of making his own films. We're talking about young foreigners in Prague, who are her friends ...
On one of the courtyards of Prague, a small diner at a table Jacek meets Nina. Nina is an actress. Born in Volkovysk Belarus - grew up in Moscow. A little bit of Russian Białorusinka. For over ten years in Prague. This here is - as she says, her little Montmartre (and shows) - a real house full of warm people and beautiful places. Is playing small roles in Polish films and big in the theaters - only the professional requirements are forcing her to passing on the other side of river. In his spare time preparing young people for examinations in the schools theater ...
Zabkowska Street at dusk. Takes a small celebration in Prague. Artists from different continents and countries, among the local audience. Dancers from Brazil look grotesque here, however, quickly gaining recognition ... We look at one of the courtyards. There are a number of previously known people: "Steeldrums" game the Prague children, Andrzejewski with a new project, "the third hour free" Zhanna sings in front of her audience, etc ...
Someone said in Polish: - "I'm from Prague," someone repeated in English, Russian, French ...
film honored at the festival in Milan, "I've seen video festival. " Original version: Polish with English subtitles.
Duration: 45 minutes;
Writers: - Chris Kownas
Director: - Chris and Greg Czerniak Kownas
Photo: - Greg Czerniak
Editing: - Rafael Bryll
Music: - Thomas Glazik (band "The Cult")
Translation into English: - Magdalena Sienkiewicz
Production: - Ax Film & Video System


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