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Nice Noise review in Nocturne # 18

THIRD I - Nice Noise
Industrial / Noise / Dark Ambient
(Nihilthrone, 2011).
for welding and understanding of poetry, atmosphere and energy group under the name THIRD AND You must have good, trained and fitness healthy stomach. Eleven "songs" that are Predrag and Nenad Popovic, this time arranged in a small but savory cuisine underground music are metal shavings that are aligned in a row abandoned hangarskoj rattling the room with the sounds of frost-soaked wind. This is not a classic album. It is composed of instrumental lines, sample reflections, various and various cuts and cuts sharp spike in metal, indented, red-hot roof. Atmospheric and psychologically, this is a difficult, slow and almost exciting, depressing realization CD that you just try listening to the third (as I do, for example) allow you to get close and feel him near and near his temple. The track "Nightmares Again" turns out to be the most interesting piece. Nenad and Predrag Popovic, in addition to authorship of the CD release, "Nice Noise", leading people kick-ass web fanzine "Helly cherry. In any case, what we are now prepared in all eleven stations sound is - hell. Without the cherry, course.
Milan B. Popovic - - - - - 8 / 10


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