Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother Forcedto Wear Girdle

Guys, BRAVO!

I must commend the guys today. Indeed. So much attention around the wedding! Simply have the impression that they want it more perfect to look at these, I would say, patterned photos with the wedding, but PHOTOGRAPHS the wedding! Why should they? Is this not a country and city boys and girls who have for weeks, months, watched, eeeeventualnooo send pizza and such. Maybe somebody goes to have fun, but it is reduced to the mere zabaljanje a break after a few months ... as uh, enough is enough ... It was a lot earlier, and then a little before almost everyone had some fancy secret ties. To die of laughter! As no one cares, they all passionately COOL and here and shake each other until they get an SMS from her sex combinations. Ma ajte please! Mascara right.
And now? Not a day goes by that of the famous network that took the life of us, and e-mail (and perhaps net as globally) I see some new super perfect Pozerka young (and I was, I admit) and groom to pamper and caress your chosen while This skljoc whether there Doobra skljoc for money! PA Biedermeier, and color, and svasta something .... EVERY CAST! And even better is that the actors are all younger and younger (it was a time, and I admit it:) so as not to pose and do not make a festival?)
So, once again CESTITAM! Finally you have decided to osmelite and say YES! And what are the marriage proposal was, what kind of flower rituals, simply dare not even think .... But there is one thing .... Serbia may have more problems oko mesta u vrticima i na tome jos vise CESTITAM !


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