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Nice Noise review on Alternative Music

THIRD I - "Nice Noise" (2011)

for the fifth year and through its eighteen Published, Third and exists as a separate entity to ovdasnjoj music scene. This unusual musical entity consisting of two members, Nenad and Pedja. In his latest release, "Nice Noise ', Third entity and continues its evolution of ambient experimental music. The 11 new compositions, Third and sent us through a black hole in the distant future, and gives an insight into how the music might sound to some few hundred years.
compositions are based on the principle of atonality. That is, their melody and harmony can not concentrate on a specific tonal center, or rather, a basic sound. But by repeating the high and low volume alteration, relocated its field of operation in the subsonic between. The effect of this alternate increasing and decreasing the volume is to create an atmosphere hiperambijentalne. That bringing the listener into a vegetative state, builds a strong hypnotic effect. Furthermore, the compositions are free of rhythm and percussion elements. I live solely on the previously mentioned sound alteration (decreasing volume and increase the tone scale), and many sound samples of infiltration. Which have a role in creating a comprehensive sphericity and the compactness of the individual pieces. Also, in its activities, the composition passes through various stages of the strength and intensity. In doing so, they appear as a meditative sound mantras, minimalist ambient passages and irritating throbbing synthetic sound escalation. Metamorphosis of the previously mentioned states has been slow and some songs are very long build. And often, almost neprimijetno entrance into each other. This gives a feeling that the whole concept album by a comprehensive principle. Through its melodies, the songs evoke a metaphysical way various themes, such as: search for himself ("Where am I"). Or raising the sound life ("Hear us squeak"). Transcendental impression march through the streets of the crowd ("February March"). Sound and morphological "Horse gives birth to a Fly." Minimalistic dark "Heavy Metal". Turbulent "Sewer live report. Psychedelic "Mushrooms are growing like Fungus." Short, but disturbing "Nightmares again. Orbital "Reaching Toward the Light". And two, very long apocalyptic "Cities in Desolation Part I & Part II."

album "Nice Noise" certainly is not for everyone's ears. I'm sure there are many who do not prefer this kind of music. But he is a kind of door, through which passing through them, allowing the listener somewhat different view of music as a means of expression. Door, through which he can refer you to a mysterious musical journey, and whose borders only on can order the grasp.
by durden


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