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SF Herland. Chapter I: A special project

Llc Beyond The Ultimate Race Director Wes Crutcher ( CC BY 3.0 )
All this constitutes the only record from memory, unfortunately. If I could bring her so carefully prepared notes, it would be a different story. Book full of handwritten notes, carefully copied documents, reports first-hand, and photos are our worst losses. We had photographs of cities and parks, lots of beautiful views of streets, buildings, their facades and interiors, and also photographed some of these wonderful gardens, and most importantly - portraits of women themselves.

Nobody never believe how they looked. Names are never adequate, when it comes to women, and I've never been so good at describing. However, in some way, you need to do - the rest of the world must learn about this country. I will not say exactly where I was, out of fear of some self-appointed missionaries, traders and thirsty land conqueror. Potępiłbym encroachment them there. But I think that they do not want it to happen: I can always tell them that if they found a place for them would not have any value.

It all began so - were three of us: Terry O. Nicholson, not without reason that we called Old Nick, Jeff Margrave, and I, Vandyck Jennings. We were school mates and friends. We knew each other for many, many years and despite the undeniable differences we had a lot in common. All interesowaliśmy in science.

Terry was rich enough to do exactly what he wants. Its main aim was to experience. Carried out all in turn. "Nothing has been already discovered, now just joining and completing the" - used to say. Terry had many talents, but the best was the mechanics and electricity. He knew all kinds of ships and cars, was also one of the best pilots. Never done it all without Terry.

Jeff Margrave was born as a poet or a botanist - or maybe better to say simply that as and this and this - but his parents persuaded him to become a doctor. As for his age was in this pretty good, but his real interest was what he liked to call "miracles of science."

As for me, mainly dealing with sociology. In sociology you
to but support knowledge of other sciences. Fortunately, I'm interested in them all.

Terry was strong in the particulars - in geography, meteorology, etc. Jeff overcame him every time in biology. This is what was said, but I did not care as long as it does not connect to it in some way with the man. There are a few things that does not interest me.

three of us were lucky and we were able to join a large scientific expedition. What was needed was a doctor there, which gave Jeff an excuse to abandon just open practice. Organizers also need experience of Terry, its equipment and money. As for me, I owe to the influence of the presence there, Terry.

terrain of our expedition were around one thousand tributaries, and the huge mouth of the great river. Participants of the expedition were asked to create a map, refer to the dialects of the natives, and explore all kinds of strange fauna and flora, which was expected to see there. The story I tell, but will not devoted to this trip. This entry was nothing more than just a sort of starting point for a story about us.

One immediately aroused my interest in the conversation of our guides. Quickly learn the languages, they are easily assimilated and many I know quite well. Also we had a really good interpreter, through which I met a lot of myths, legends and folk scattered local tribes.

Wdzieraliśmy farther and farther up the stream, in a dark maze of rivers, lakes, swamps and mighty forests, with here and unexpected failures of mountainous terrain, which could be seen behind the high peaks. I noticed then that says more and more natives a strange and terrible land of women held high in the mountains somewhere. "Down", "out there", "higher" - they could not precisely identify the direction in which one would go to find it. Their legends in the main point, however, were consistent: there was somewhere in a strange land, where there were no men - lived there only women and girls.

None of the natives never seen before. In their view, taking such an attempt would be dangerous, even deadly for the daredevil. But there were stories from many years ago that a few brave researchers reached this place. They saw a big country, big houses and many people - only women.
- Does nobody has ever tried to get there?
- Many have tried. But no one ever came back.
It was not a place for men - the natives were unsure.

boys told the story. They laughed at her, I
- obviously - well. I was convinced stories that the natives are just a product of their imagination. But when the expedition reached the farthest point and was only a day to return to the house - and he comes at a time and during the best trip - the three of us made some discoveries.

main camp was located on land near the river or the mainstream of what we thought was the mainstream. For several weeks, ever seen the same muddy color, we felt the same taste. As it happened, I started a conversation on this river with one of our guides, or you prefer a man whom you identify the most important in their group. He was restless, bright eyes. He told me that and then there is another river.

- When a short river, sweet water, red and blue.
- that intrigued me. I wanted to know what I mean by that, so I showed him the red and blue pencil, which I had with me, and asked for it again.
- Yes. - A guide turned toward the river, and then southwest. - River, a good water: red and blue.

Terry was close by and interested in showing it on the river man.
- What does he say, Van?
I told him. Terry burned with sudden curiosity.
- Ask him how far away it is.

with apytany man found that a relatively small distance. In my opinion it was a place, which is about two, maybe three hours away.
- Let's go! - Terry cried. - Only three of us. Maybe we can really find something. Maybe there cinnabar ...
- maybe indigo - Jeff suggested that with his quiet smile.

It was still quite early, only had breakfast. We gave the word, we'll be back before nightfall, and we'll keep quiet. We did not want to be considered naive, if we would have failed, so we left only with the secret hope that we can hit some nice little discovery.

It was a long two hours, and even almost three. I suppose that only a native could go this route sooner. Struggled through the dense tangle of trees, rivers, swampy paths - certainly none of us
never that way should not wander alone. But there was, however, a road and I saw Terry, with compass and notebook, determine the directions and trying to highlight some points of interest.

After some time we got to something like a marshy lake. It was very large, so that the surrounding forest looked quite low and relatively small. Our guide told us that boats
here may indeed reach out to our camp, but "it's a long way - all day."

water from the lake was a bit brighter than those in the river, although we could not judge it well, being away from our campsite. We walked for another half hour or more, and The farther we were, the ground became firmer. We turned at the end of a wooded hill, and then appeared before us a completely different landscape: we saw mountain, steep and bare.

quickly left and went around the lake toward the rocks. We heard running water, even before it arrived. Finally, our guide proudly pointed to his river.

was short. We could see them falling into the water from flowing waterfall in a narrow vertical from the hole in front of the cliff. The water was sweet. Man drank eagerly, and so we just did.

- This is the snow water - said Terry. - Must come from the same mountains.

River, however, was to be red and blue, and this was after all a greenish tint. It seemed, however, that the guide is hardly surprising. He showed us a small reservoir on the sidelines, on whose shores were visible traces of red and blue. Terry took out his magnifying glass and went downstairs to investigate.

- A chemical compound ... I can not specify here. According to me it looks like the colors. Look closer - encouraged - it is here somewhere dropped.

Przemieszczaliśmy cautiously along the steep banks of this small basin, in which pieniły up and rustled the water falling from the top. We searched for a mysterious land border here, and we found only traces of color from outside our interest. While, however, also something else - Jeff picked up quite suddenly, an unexpected trophy.

It was just a rag: a long, tangled piece of cloth. But it was a fragment of an expensive fabric, with a pattern of bright scarlet color, which - interestingly - not faded into the water. We did not hear that some indigenous tribe performed such fabrics.

standing quietly at the shore, but I enjoyed it to our excitement.
- One day: blue, one day
: red, one day : green - he told us of his pocket and pulled out another piece of bright colored fabric .
- This is from the top - he said, pointing to the waterfall. - Land of women. There!

We are very intrigued. We rested a bit, ate dinner and we asked our guide, to give us additional information. He could tell us only what they told the others: in the land of women, there were no men. There have been children, but only girls. For men it was a place very dangerous. Many of them went to see this land - none of them returned.

I saw Terry clenches his teeth. The place is not for men? Dangerous? It looked as though he intended to have here in this place to begin to climb up the waterfall. A guide did not want to hear about it, even if there were a way to climb the steep cliff and return to camp before nightfall.

- perhaps the expedition could have been here longer, if you tell them everything? - I wondered out loud. Terry stopped suddenly.
- Think about it, boys - he said. - This is our discovery. You can not just like that to talk about this issue that zadufanym old professors. Let's go home with them, as it was established, and then go back - no longer alone. Let's take your own little trip.

looked at him surprised, we were impressed. The thought of a few intrepid young people departing in search of undiscovered lands in the heart of the Amazonian nature was irresistibly attractive. Of course, none of us believed in this story, but anyway!

- Such fabrics certainly did not create any of the local tribes - I found studying with great diligence material. - Somewhere up there someone uprządł thread, woven fabric, and tinged it exactly how we do it.
- This would mean, Van, that there is some advanced civilization. It is impossible that there was such a place, and we do about it we do not know.
- Okay, I admit it: I do not know. But as the name of this old country somewhere in the Pyrenees - Andorra? Very few people know anything about her - she's well looked after his affairs for a thousand years. And Montenegro - wonderful little small state! And here, in these large areas and can accommodate a dozen such Montenegro.

talked about this extensively on the way back to camp. We talked about it carefully and during the voyage home. We talked about this and then only among themselves, and Terry did some its preliminary findings.

It was a pressing issue. Fortunately, Terry had enough money - otherwise zbieralibyśmy funds and for a year to start anything, and then our trip would be a good medium for the press and entertainment for the readers. TO Nicholson, however, easily made his big boat, loaded on board the specially made for us a large motor boat, and on it zakamuflował his biplane, not anyone paying much attention.

We got all the necessary permits, think about the various security, as well as to prepare all such supplies. Terry's experience from previous expeditions very imparted. Requisites for our little trip was properly completed.

We were going to leave the boat in a safe harbor and sail boat up the river of infinite only with the guide who took us to leave when we reach the last stop of our previous expedition. Then we will have ourselves a bright stream of the river to search.
wanted to leave the boat anchor in the shallows lake, which we found previously. Speedboat cover specially designed armor: he was thin, but strong, and surrounded her like a clamshell.

- count no natives will not be able to get the boat here. No one can damage or even move - Terry explained proudly. - Will leave it there and will be treated as our base.
- If we go back ... - I joked.
- Are you afraid that women will want to eat you? - Sneered Terry.
- We are not sure of anything in connection with these women, you know it - said Jeff. - There is a possibility that there is a whole army of gentlemen with poisoned arrows or something in that style.
- You do not need to go there if you do not want - Terry said dryly.
- Do not go? Unless you need to have a court order to stop me! - Yes, Jeff and I were not sure.

Throughout a long way, however, our opinions are completely different. Cruising on the ocean is the perfect time for discussion. Now, no one listened, we could relax on our deck chairs and chat, talk and talk. There was nothing else to do. The total ignorance of the subject under discussion, paradoxically, meant that our conversations were the more fierce.

- We need to leave the papers with our consul where the yacht will dock. - Planned to Terry. - If you do not come back, so let's say a month, will be able to send a team to rescue us.
- I think a team of criminal law - stated - If the honorable ladies we eat you will need to claim justice!
- Finding our last place of residence should be pretty easy. I did sort of a plan of this lake, the surrounding rocks and waterfalls.
- Well, yes, but how do they get there? - Jeff asked.
- Just like us, of course. If three valuable American citizens lost, somehow I get there. Not to mention the additional spots in the feminine form of land, which we call ... Feminizja - finished.
- That's right, Terry. When you get out of this story to light, the river zaroi from the expedition. Airships will resemble a swarm of mosquitoes. - I laughed at the thought. - We made a big mistake by not informing Mr. tabloids about the case. "Save us." What would have been the headlines ...
- Just ... - said Terry with menacing mien. - This is our journey. We want to find this place in peace.
- What you want to do once you find something? Unless of course you find something? - Jeff asked.

Jeff was a sensitive soul. I suppose he thought, that this region - if it really existed - a place only blooming roses, babies, canaries and such nice things. Terry while in the depths of his heart had a vision of some kind of holiday resort: only girls, girls, and girls, and he among them. Terry was very popular among women, even when they were around other men, so I am not surprised that he had such pleasant dreams about what awaits us at the destination. I saw it in his eyes as he lay looking at the blue waves glide stroking his impressive mustache.

But I was confident I can play a much more reliable vision of a mysterious land, which was before us, than any of them.

- You are wrong, boys - he argued. - If this place actually exists, and it seems that we have some reason to believe so, I expect to be there the community, built on a matriarchal, that's all. Men likely to live alone, are less socially evolved than men and make them the only annual visits: it is probably some kind of wedding arrangements. Such visits are a necessary condition - it's about biological survival. Women probably live in some isolated valley or on the plateau, so that their original habits have survived. That's it!
- Well, well, what about young boys? - Jeff asked.
- Men take them to him as soon as the end of five or six years, for sure.
- And what, then, with this theory about the threat to men, to which all our guides were so confident? - Interested in Terry.
- Dangers certainly enough for us. We must be very careful. Women at this stage of development can be very aggressive, and
off-season probably not too pleased to welcome male guests.

We talked and talked, until finally I had the feeling that with all my sociological mądrościami I was not closer to the truth than any of them. These detailed descriptions of the land of the women were very funny in light of how little knew. But it was hard to tell your friends - even to each individual - that a matter of fact they are just idle discussion. We were absorbed in idle, so We were telling visions: the case during the ocean voyage, and later in the course of a river trip.

- It's beginning to learn something incredible - we began solemnly, after a while to restart our imagination.
- They will fight among themselves - said Terry. - Women are always fighting. It makes no sense to look there any order or organization.
- You are mistaken - Jeff protested. - It will be like a monastery under the authority of the Abbess: peaceful, harmonious sisterhood.
- Nuns, really! Your silent sisters live in celibacy, Jeff, and vows of obedience. Here are ordinary women, too, and his mother. And where there is motherhood, you will not find too many sisterhood.
- Of course not. It will be a total mess - Terry agreed. - It makes no sense to look for and any inventions whether the evidence of progress. Everything there will surely be completely primitive.
- How can we wyjaśnicie issues this fabric? - Jeff asked.
- Yes, clothes, dresses ... These women live in the state after her maiden
... But soon cease, I assure you.

joke from the very modest expression of Terry himself, but he did not give a baffle.
- You'll see - convinced - I played with jedymi against one another. Quickly choose my king! Solomon will be with me, nobody.
- How do they explain where we came from and what matters? - I asked. - We say that we are wezyrami or something like that?
- There is no need - he said. - You can start a revolution. But then you have to prepare for the beheading, hanging, or other such type of enforcement.
- You would have to make the revolution yourself, remember - Jeff smiled. - We do not have strong or Mamluk slaves. And the three of us would only be two or even one, because I do not know what
Van think about it.

It happened that Jeff and Terry's ideas were so far apart that I did everything I could, just to avoid a quarrel. Jeff idealized women in the best Southern style. He was full of chivalry, sentimentality, etc. It was a really good boy, he lived like that with those ideals.

can say that Terry and his veins, though I do not know whether his views on women can be called such a lovely word, like "ideals." I always liked Terry. He had a lot of typical male characteristics: he was generous, brave and wise, but still do not think we were in college, especially during happier if Terry met with the sister of one of us. We did not have some radical views about the heavens, no! But Terry and that was on their border. Then we came to the conclusion that it was his business: human life belongs to him. There is therefore no longer asking any questions.

but not counting probable exceptions in the form of potential mothers, wives or women close to one of your friends, Terry beautiful women treated purely as a game, and this average does not devote even a moment of attention. Sometimes I felt really uncomfortable when you realized that Terry had views. But I tried to show him patience, Jeff, moreover, too. Jeff made pink aureolki on his vision of a woman. I stuck to the ground and in a very scientific, of course, I felt I learn about the physiological limitations of gender. In fact, we were not specifically advanced in the woman question, none of us.

So we joked, we talked and imagined purpose of the expedition, and finally - after a seemingly endless journey - we arrived at our previous place of camping.

Finding the river did not cause us difficulties. We sailed along it to the place from which we set out previously. Żeglowało us easily as we sailed on the lake. When we got to the end and moored the boat on the high-gloss shallow, and the high gray promontory was so close to us that his simple white edge was clearly visible, it started to be really exciting. A little talked about how to move. We tried to avoid the rocky road through the wall, looking for possible routes on foot, but moving through swampy jungle, so the method was not only difficult but also dangerous. Terry
definitely dismissed this possibility.

- Nonsense, fellows! Previously, we made some decisions yet. Walking trip could take months, and we are not prepared. No, gentlemen, we have to try and take advantage of our opportunity. If we go back safely - great. If not, we will not be missing the first explorers. Many will come after us.

We thus take advantage of the great biplane. Loaded it with our instruments for scientific research: of course we had a camera, sunglasses, and food supplies. Our pockets were smaller stores products of first necessity. We also had a gun, of course, you never know what can happen.

Szybowaliśmy and szybowaliśmy, until finally we could see the mountain terrain and take notes. In addition to the dark green sea of \u200b\u200bdense forest was visible high steep mountains. This view was on our sides. Areas until the distant white peaks that probably were completely unavailable,
covered forests .

- Let's first trip only to identify the area - suggested. - Let's explore this land and przylećmy more gasoline. With your unmatched speed will be able to safely reach the target and return. We'll be able to prepare some kind of map and leave it on board in case you really needed was some kind of a rescue expedition.
- That's right, you're right - agreed Terry. - I think I can move one day at his coronation in Ladylandzie.

prepared a long trip. We left at the bottom of the headland, which was close to our boat, and flew, as fast as he could, toward the high mountains. We were going to come back by moonlight in our lake.

- That would be a pretty good little kingdom - we agreed to when you plan and produced a measured area. We knew the size of the area only through the identity of our speed.

- Only very enterprising native could get there - said Jeff.

Of course, I looked eagerly to the ground, but we were too high and flew too fast for me to much to see. The area seemed to be well wooded on the edge, but inside there were wide plains, meadows and other open spaces.

were also of the city. With high it looked pretty good - like any other country, civilized country, of course. We went to bed late, we went for a long time Indeed in the air. The next day we left early. Again, a highly unieśliśmy happy we saw the trees and extensive green space.

- Average tropikalnie. Superb atmosphere. It's amazing what a small amount does the temperature - Terry led the research forest growth.
- A small amount! You call this small? - I asked. Our instruments measured everything correctly. We did not realize you can make a long step toward the top flight.
- I think it's a great piece of decent ground - said Terry. - And now, folks, enjoying the view.

Yes sunęliśmy low in the air, a little one way, some another, dividing the land in his head to pieces and examining them. We saw - I do not remember now how much of that we saw and how many have supplemented
later with knowledge, but we were so excited watching all of this fascination that we do not need to be completed - the earth in perfect condition , where not only growing, but even the forests looked as if someone is not to care. Land the impression of a huge park, or even more: a large, neat garden.

- I do not see any animals - I noticed, but Terry was silent. We were approaching the village.

I must admit that after a while we stopped to pay attention to clean, well-built roads, an attractive architecture for the town. We had a pair of spectacles, too, and Terry, who piloted a biplane in front of pince-nez. Roar of our engine soon heard living in . They went out of their homes, gathered in the fields: we have seen little running figures, which have begun to create quite a collection. They look at us, while we looked at them. We looked and looked, very nearly, that it turned out that it is too late to grab the handle and fly away.

- Oh! - Terry whispered after a good time.
- There are only women and children! - Jeff shouted excited. - But it looks as if there was any civilization? Why? In that case, there must be men after all!
- of course they are - said Terry. - Let's go there Let's find out.

Terry did not want to listen to Jeff's suggestion that it would be more accurately assess the situation before it ventures out of the plane.

- One is a place well suited to landing - he argued. In fact, our airport was perfect: a wide, flat piece of rock, with good overlooking the lake, completely invisible from the outside.
- they will not find it soon - Terry said, trying with great care to land safely. - Come on, boys, there was actually some pretty girls.

course, this finding was not too clever. You will notice that our wonderful plan to examine more before leaving the land of our biplane burned in the pan. We were, however, three young men. We talked about this country for over a year, believing that such a place exists, and now we in it.

seemed that we are in a safe and civilized, and that among those facing upwards
, some frightened, face was bought quite a number of pretty face, it was enough for us to everyone agreed.

- Come on! - Terry yelled, speeding. - Oh, come quick! Herland before us!

author Herland (1915) :
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

translation of the chapter (marnawe notch, but the other is missing): udobrzanska
all in PDF in English -

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