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Miranda. Community astra

Quite often, reading the various texts okołoutopijne, I have a big problem deciding on this, to which genologicznej pigeonhole a particular title to move - hence probably my little sympathy for the appellants, in fact, terms such as "okołoutopijne " , " okołodystopijne " , " quasi-fantastic " etc. When Miranda Anthony Lange of 1924 I opened a drawer in the head, however, from the outset: Miranda a utopia because without doubt, but there is no popular technological utopia, feminist or Organic; Miranda is the only Polish (or at least the only one with whom I had the opportunity yet to deal with) utopia esoteric! I must admit that the occult in any form is not a field that could ever be interested in and where I could have (perhaps wrongly, do not judge me) the relationship other than the full distance of amusement, however - perhaps because of this very exotic esoteric - with interest read this written before almost a hundred years ago, quite niepokaźnych sized book.

Miranda is simply ideal realization of a utopian scheme. We therefore there isolated from the world of the island, on which way better than the ordinary societies people live much better than ordinary mortals. In Miranda latter aspect is wyrazistszy than earlier utopias - those islanders are wspanialsi from the common man not only morally, in a sense, they are at a higher level of evolution. Clearly arises from the association here Wellsowskimi People like gods of 1923, where the characters go to an alternative world where people are ahead in the development of thousands of years of its guests. Island in the book, Lange - interestingly - this place, which he described in Sun City Tomasso Campanella: the city, which hit the hero, John elevated ( nota bene : cute name), a City of the Sun, after many, many years. Society is under the direction of three ministries: Love, Wisdom and Power. More important than these is only one man: the wise Metaphysics. Traditionally: the state government decides on development, training and education of children and young people, and when you get older - to assign them to a partner or partners. But as it happens in utopias - and what must admit, I like them the most - even in this world appear superidealnym niedobrzy dissenters, who have the audacity to disagree with the views wpajanymi them from birth. And you are so disagree.

Jan elevated even in Europe, at the beginning of the war zwieruchy (I mean big war, the story begins in 1915), was interested in the occult. He participated in the secret sessions " psychic " , during which the medium - woman, Miranda title - transformed his human form in astral form (and here comes my lack of occult training - in the tooth do not know what it is with stars common): a much more beautiful than mere corporeal shell. What was the surprise hero and joy when, after arriving in a town on the island, it turned out that all the adults in the Astral - that is, in some sense superhuman: sweeping the air at will, gifted with sight and hearing far beyond the capabilities of human pożywiający up specifically for this purpose the prepared tablets. Unlike the Europeans are making similar attempts, they led by a substance called " nirwidium " to crystallize his astral form, which then no longer dematerializowała. All the boys and eighteen All fifteen girls had to undergo a special rite to call and crystallize his astral form and get rid of - thus, of course - all sorts of inappropriate land instincts and vices.

Nobody in this society a sentence of one not ask , individuals resistant isolates from the healthy social fabric. Overt rebels fought with, however, is very beautiful, it must be admitted, because through the exchange of arguments in the open discourse: it is essentially a behavior so wonderfully correct that actually - completely utopian.

Well, as you can see, I can not get rid of the slightly patronizing tone. Fortunately, I did not, neither does not oblige me, no institution to pursue scientific ethos, or for forced pseudoobiektywizm distance and nobody did not pay. So, back to Miranda : like a terribly annoying is the climate of the Young Poland movement of rotating tables, but they probably never cease to fascinate me, the diversity of ideas on the perfect worlds. Therefore, I am pleased that and he knew.

not recommend Miranda all, I would recommend Miranda enthusiasts. Passionate Young Polish literature, a passion psychic seances - whatever they may be - and, of course, a passion utopia. Let everyone else can forgive yourself.

Author: Antoni Lange
Title: Miranda
Year: 1984
ISBN: 9788320203301
Publisher: Oxford University Press Unions
Number of pages: 112
Size 12.5 x 19.5

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