Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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22 things that do not have, and I need to have

Ženski garderoberi vrlo često are full of dresses, pants, shoes and many other things. However, faced with such a choice, most women do not actually manage to use every piece of clothing purchased. Recently conducted research has shown that the average woman in the closet, there are 22 things you never wear, but none of them has been willing to give up these pieces of clothing.
statistically this means that every year, just in the UK, spending over a billion pounds to over 500 million garments, which never sees the light of day. If all the things that will never be worn were placed next to each other, formed the long line of 25,000 kilometers. It
that a large number of things that made us more attractive in the store or were simply at a discount, in fact just garbage. Most of these unnecessary clothing was purchased out of vanity or as a reward for a successful diet, a promotion at work or from a third reason.
Although all the clothing does not take more than 5 percent of space in the closet, most women still refuse to be resolved. Among the most common things that women are buying and that after the arrival of the store will never leave the closet, there are jeans - even 88 percent of women reported to have a pair of jeans that will never wear again.
One in five respondents said that there are at least six pairs shoes that will never wear, while almost all women who participated in the survey claim to have at least one gun that will never try. The reason that still prevents most women to throw away all those unnecessary things lies in the guilt for the money spent unnecessarily.
41 percent of women plan to lose weight to achieve the ideal lost weight carrying forgotten things while 17 percent kept some clothes in the hope that it will come back in fashion.


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