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What To Do When My Dog Dies


Serious relationship sounds like a great idea. Do your relationship zvaničnijm and share your life with someone who does not go away as soon dawn. But with every great thing there are pros and cons.

with serious relationship come responsibilities, and risks. It would be good to think about what you lost before you take this step. Here are 10 things you can lose if you commit.

10th Friends

quarrels often arise about how often are you in touch with your friends. There is no doubt that, changes and problems in the friendships you find the girl, and in particular when it comes to females. You will not be able to spend so much time, or to communicate with girls as you used to because these relationships have little to "settles". Why? Your girlfriend is now in the first place. Any other woman would have to understand that she gets a part of you and SC UK have to meet the remains.

9th Weekends

leisure in which to have fun and enjoy the beer used to be reserved for you, but now that you have a serious relationship, it is possible that the quality time you once spent with their company be substituted moments with your loved . If you both work during the week, you do not have many opportunities to spend time together. Therefore, the precious moments that often weekend dedicated to the relationship.

8th The usual fun

Flirting is the first thing that disappears when it comes to the usual entertainment and communications. In fact, these two concepts go together as much as Mike Tyson and Holyfield in the ring Ivander. When you are in a serious relationship, so there is no place for contacts with other women. Flirting must be limited, or it may turn into something inappropriate. As for the usual fun with your partner, a serious, formal ties include things such as responsibility, commitment and routine. And it is very easy to make fun disappears in this process.

7th Compliance

Sometimes you might to do what you feel comfortable. If it meant heavy smoking, and alkoholisanje sunrise to sunrise, you have no one to answer. But now when I drag to the house after a heated night with guys, you're likely to find his girlfriend standing at the door with questions like "Where have you been up to now?". If you really care about girls, you have to understand that you can not so intense to spend as if you were alone. May not sound nice but being in a committed relationship means that you must reduce your out. If you want a little wild fun with the team, probably you will have to plan very carefully.

6th Output from the calls

When things were not so serious with your beloved, it is much easier to break all but it is the case now. If things become too serious and formal, you could "get away" without a lot of noise because you were so attached to each other. But now, with strong feelings of connection, the termination would be much more difficult.

5th Financial independence

often do not end only with the emotional connections, they also include the financial part. Ordinarily, a "stuck" in that famous thinking, "What is mine is yours, what's yours is mine." Practically, if you have a serious relationship, then share their finances. A good part of your hard-earned money is likely to be under the direction of your girls. This is especially true if you like to enjoy the luxury, which would mean that less money goes to your wishes.

4th Options

They say the man is faithful as his options. Does not necessarily mean that you will stay faithful to your girl only until you meet someone better, but let's be honest: if you know you're still attractive, it's a great thing for your ego, even if you do not intend to use. But with a serious relationship is very limited space to make your appeal. And viewing windows becomes boring because what's the point when you know that you will not go anywhere?

third Personal plans

not selfish if you want to keep their plans for the future and if you have your own dreams. In fact, it is necessary to have them, even when you're in a relationship. But once things with your girlfriend gets serious there is no room for secret moves, you'll need to include it in all your ideas for the future.

second Space

Every king needs a castle, but if you bring the queen, then things get a little complicated. Often involves a serious relationship and living together, which drastically reduces your privacy. Soon You'll see women's cosmetics in the bathroom, kitchen utensils which do not even know the name and they will listen to her desire to change the trap. You feel that you assume the role on your throne.

first Identity

When you are beginning to do, you and your dear you have common interests, values, and some hobby. Similarities, fortunately, no longer here. But now seems to merge identities. Although it may be a good feeling that you are on the same wavelength with his partner on multiple levels (but stick to your own closet if you do not want to become Branđelina), it can also mean a loss of individuality. Say no to clones in a relationship.


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