Saturday, January 1, 2011

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The Birds - Review / Review by

third Third I work in 2010. year is very short with only one EP of the same name who was instrumental in unusual electronic noise show birds chirping.
There is nothing much to talk about. As usual, Third I have again delivered an extraordinary edition, this time without any corruption of melodies, harmonies, and are based on the pure application of electro-industrial mixtures of noise to actual music. With the inevitable experimental approach with them is no longer any 'experiment', but the style of expression afforded by 13 and a half minutes pleasant ambient noise where there is no story or plot, but the Stockhausenovom system, almost literally taken the microphone and recording of birds singing . Of course, all sounds are produced by Third and on their electronic devices in order to present a slice of time trouble-free game birds in the trees next to your window. I illustrate all of what an artist can and must be displayed on your landscape, in this case the sound, which is rather 'gray' and trying to lead a prominent trees like the worst or audio tapes, which in the case of visual art could be rusted metal plate or a iron with abstractions that allude to the birds and their chirping.
Creative and dorečeno. Specifically. Lack of exciting stories like Stockhausen, "Bird Of Passage" (1976), but in this case it is not so important.
rating albums [1-10]: 6
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