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Authority presented dystopiach antyutopiach and very often offers the inhabitants of their worlds, a seemingly easy and effective way to escape from all human doubts. Just a moment, that the body can forget about everyday, more or less important, bolączkach - it needs only a tiny pill or drink a glass. However, no one offers a wonderful solution for free. The price of a life without worry very often is the renunciation of his own individuality and uniqueness and the abandonment of thinking, questioning and demands for to the benefit of the person controlling them in its world, which usually takes the form of a totalitarian state.

Soma is a drug commonly taken by heroes Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1930) . It plays a major role in the creation of unadulterated happiness world presented in the most famous probably dystopia . In fact, the only people left the body (gr. soma ) and bodily sensations, as even thinking turned out to be unnecessary. Although one of the officially promulgated state rules is the cult of science, yet the progress of civilization must have some limits, otherwise could be disrupted ideal from the standpoint of power status quo. It helps in that soma, destroying the embryo in the intelligent and sensitive individuals desire rebellion or even a gradual change.

Soma is taken in pill form or as an additive for ice cream and beverages. In emergency situations is also used its vapors. By soma distorted citizens do not feel the anxiety and depression. Taking the drug is for citizens of the Republic of Natural World. Small children are subjected to the conditioning hipnopedii (after finishing education internalized sentences take the form of axioms), and tens of thousands of times during sleep, listen to the sentences: "One cubic centimeter and disappears gloomy sentiment," Better mixture than the fracas, "I play best at the right time would help" or "the" was "and" will "I do not posiędzie. As soon as I play'm taking, and continuous "now" have. " Soma also eliminates the sense of time - after taking the drug accepted and recommended by the authorities of their presence felt only in the present, so that cease their frustrations.

Heroes novel accompanied soma without stopping. They carry with them the vials from the specifics to be able to use it at any time. Soma is so close to people that this is reflected in the language they use. About Benita Hooverze friends say that "goes through life without even touching soma" (Huxley 1988: 64), because it gives the impression that any negative emotions do not have access to it.

in the separation of soma is involved in the state. The fact that the dose of soma przypadną workers decided arbitrarily. The daily dose is four tablets półgramowe, Saturday workers receive more of them, as many as six - how else could manage without the fear of free time? Mustafa Mond, one of the rulers of the world, in a conversation with a savage, Helmholtz and Bernard explains the reasons for the decision, which are distributed, and no other quantities of soma. There are of course possible to limit the working day, meeting the demands of the workers from the lower castes. But it would be irrational. When once tried to introduce such a measure, it turned out that people nieprzyzwyczajeni to have free time, they began to massively adopt soma. It was necessary therefore to return to the old rules. Mustapha Mond says of soma distorted way: [ it has] all the advantages of Christianity and alcohol, none of their disadvantages. (...) Is freed from the fact, when we want, and we come back: Also, no headaches, and without the need for mythology "(1988: 58).

Beverages peace, joy and delight

City Light Smolarskiego Mieczyslaw (1924) is a novel, of which mention is now mostly in the context of the famous author of his time accusations of plagiarism, directed toward Aldous Huxley (more: Grzenia 2010). The title City of Light is a place miraculously rescued after the great war that led to the collapse of other parts of the Earth. In addition to the land people live in the depths of forests in distant villages, working and maintaining any relationship with him. However, residents of the City of Light, lead easy, problem-free life and do not seek to contact the outside world, fearing negative impact it could have on human civilization.

But not everyone is delighted with the status quo. Upon arrival at the forest of a young man, Andrew Will, Aegina - one of the residents of the city - says: "Culture has received in the cradle of our people from childhood passion of the world, and we wyklęliśmy all the feelings of unselfishness. It uses the meantime we received a zeal and perseverance in the desires. Some unknown Gall there way across the country inhabited only by wild animals, so just to establish communication between the villages the poor. I envy him those of his labors "(Smolarski 1988: 100). Listener Aegina Dr. magnate does not understand the cause of his indignation, however, and advise him whether or not a cure for the treatment of "unspecified fear." This

Magnat created for city residents are three kinds of mysterious beverage: drink peace, joy and bliss. Quiet drink is consumed even by Izego, Grand Magus, the most important person in the city. This drug is a fluid "created artificially with chemicals and amended at the request of [what kind] souls in a state of calm, full of dreams of rest" (1988: 116). With drinks, people can avoid any unpleasantness associated with the life course, but it is how the inhabitants of existence can not be classified as difficult. Of all the biological needs taken care of by the ruling. In the city no one dies of hunger, no one has to work. Meals are created artificially - from chemical compounds - by social and along with clothes given away for free. Therefore, says Andrew Szaruga, another inhabitant of the land, against the government in the form of the Great Magician, "there are (...) only insane people to nature, but outside them who wants to embrace the burden of government! We're too lazy, too comfortable "(1988: 121).

Dawamesk B2

Heroes dystopijnego Nienasycnia Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz ( 1930) pending in Polish - the last democratic country in Europe (in other countries of the Bolshevik revolution in progress) - a huge Chinese army, which glides inexorably to the West, to take power there. First, occasionally, later are increasingly present in the country the news of the coming of the army and a new faith mythical Malay, Murti Bing. Officially, the new religion has no connection with the eastern army, but there is no doubt that the policy remains murtibingizm in close relationships.

themselves followers of new religions, speaking of his master, use the language permeated through and through religious and even sectarian phraseology. Murti Bung their lights (Witkiewicz 1982: 355), were sent to him shall be final truth (1982: 369), Murti Bing teaches (1982: 373). Uncritical admiration for the creator of a new religion is also associated with loss of capacity for rational assessment of reality after the dawamesku B2. The word "dawamesk" appears in the artificial paradises Charles Baudelaire (1992), essay on the poet's experience with the drug hashish and opium. Most likely, it drew Witkacy exotic-sounding term.

Witkacy: Kiss Mongol prince in 1915 an ice desert -1918
Presented by Witkacy murtibingizmu theology does not contain any coherent content properly. It makes an impression and pseudoreligious pseudointelektualnego gibberish. In addition to an extremely exciting experiences during the course of vision after taking the drug, Murti Bing offers its followers - and at this point is approaching Witkacy antyutopistom - only illusion of happiness. Converts the characters after the dawamesku B2 become the personification of the infinite peace, patience. It does not interest them anymore politics, culture, art, think and speak about his religion overweight. Jan Blonski a monograph on Witkacy Murti Bing called malignant symbol of the future, which feared a writer, a future in which the world is gripped by narcotic frenzy. Bing Murti doctrine by Blonski is also a "pink dream of universal happiness, where a cloud of mass culture of people" (2003: 423).

To become a follower of Murti Bing necessary was the consumption of pills dawamesku B2. It was enough to take them only once (although, of course, followers do it more often) to be the powerful influence of the new religion. The drug, also called pills Dżewaniego, killing a natural desire to plan their lives by the followers, liquidated the dreams and anxieties, giving in return, inexhaustible patience and a sense of infinitive time. Witkacy writes: "The Polish State was complete powdering the ranks of the self bezzwiązkowych moments, against any possible surrender, even the most stupid mechanical discipline. Not for nothing have worked dawamesku formula B2 brightest brains of the Chinese chemists, isolating and combining the innocent group C, H, O and N in excellent diagrams of chemical structures "(1982: 345).

Genezip decides to take a substance obtained in part out of curiosity. Before falling asleep, I swallowed nine pills dawamesku B2, wonders: "No - we'll see what will happen now. Do I zbabieję all "(1982: 348). She wakes up at night with a sense of murtibingistów characteristic of absolute peace. Moments later, there are visions - sees a mixture of shapes and colors and have the impression that sees a world beyond three dimensions. Completely lose sense of time, which "seemed to deform freely" (1982: 359) and orientation, are all mixed spatial plans.

Adoption dawamesku B2 is not only a veiled admission of personal defeat. Mass adoption of the new religion into disrepute the whole of society and the principles on which it is based. Heroes Insatiability messed up at the old religions - Judaism and Christianity,
the leaders of his country, as well as themselves. Benz says: "If in our revolution, it will do it for us Chinese, we did not. Because we of ourselves can not do nothing "(1982: 70). In fact, there is a doubt the heroes, they are not what we resist, here are interested in what you do not yet know. Religion in the sterile world is there any novelty whose
- having no alternative - grab on tightly with the hope that it will give their lives true meaning and new value. A benefit for the invaders.

refreshing cocktails and pills

photo Rob Pongsajapan ( CC BY 2.0)
Vortex Action memory Edmund Wnuk-Lipinski (1979) takes place in a dark totalitarian state Apostezjon. Very important member of the Panel of Experts, Albert Wardenson, due to their various doubts and objections to the formulation of a body, it becomes dangerous to the stability of the system and therefore be caught in order to carry on the pioneering surgery personality changes. When you wake up with Ira dogs, not their old memories - was introduced in place of others. Despite the success of the operation Ira is restless, suspicious and disoriented. He is convinced that the information about his alleged accident, where medical care is trying to explain the headache and general discomfort, something does not fit, but it's hard to determine what it is, and knows how to find out.

refreshing cocktails and pills do not protrude into the foreground of this novel, in contrast to the soma in Brave New World or dawamesku B2 Insatiability . Apparently do not have the Apostezjonie so important role: the system keeps tight there without the ubiquitous chemical enhancements, but they seem to be very helpful in times of crisis unit. You can not exactly determine whether all substances have the same effect, although they are taken in similar situations, namely, to calm down and get satisfaction. To eliminate the nagging thought Ira, who takes care of a nurse gives him pills and cocktails. It is hard to resist the impression that they have slightly different effects than traditional medications. One of them is applied when Ira is determined to leave his apartment. In order to prevent him this, Annie drink with him a prepared cocktail. For a man immediately ceases to be valid exactly what you just suddenly insisted, and goes to bed with a nurse.

cocktails are specially numbered widely available in bars, where people tend to Apostezjonu. Ira unsuspecting Martens says the alleged conduct of its previous day: "I took correspondence and orders from the head throughout the day. Then I went to the bar and drank a cocktail of tonic. (...) Number not remember. It does not matter "(Wnuk-Lipinski 1979: 1911). Cocktails are not the same contempt for Dr. Martens. Together with the so-called patient. Drinkable vitamins. Most likely, they are not only vitamins, since in other circumstances, the doctor stressed out drunk exposing himself through a glass of soft drinks vending machines for glass. Apparently bring him relief.
Apostezjonu not only drink cocktails, but also refreshing łykają pills. Adopt them not just Ira during his convalescence. The pellets carrying a Webb, acting together with his colleagues, Cox, and Long, to thwart the plans Martens, and is clearly shocked when his boss refuses to adopt them: "No? Well, no. (...) But I tell you, Long, that this natural żarciu not go too far. Like you have a well arranged in the head, but ... "(1979: 21). The pellets so they can actually act as a nutritional function. In each certainly if it's hard to do without them, because: "The first thing I did Webb, after parting with Cox, ingestion of pills was a refreshing flavor to your favorite Astonishing. As the action begins, you never know when it will be time for your next "(1979: 58).

chemistry, which they accept heroes Maelstrom memory, does not serve such an important role in shaping just the dystopic reality, however, is an easy and effective means of keeping society in check. Is common (bars), and probably makes it assumed in different circumstances. Difficult to tell how things really work and whether the authority has with its distribution of anything in common.

Effects on various types of protagonists of chemistry is a theme popular in antyutopiach and dystopiach - in this text I presented quite a few popular examples. It should realize that the authors do not always show the dystopian worlds where power traditionally understood uses violence to obtain obedience from the citizens' attitude. Taking a variety of drinks or pills usually is not enforced on citizens by force. The authority provides the most appropriate conditions to ensure that they themselves have begun to crave. So it's easier. Initially, reaching out to various specific help in the acceptance of new realities, then it becomes a habit or obligation, to reject that nobody seriously thinks not. Chemical agents are intended to assist in the universal recognition of the model introduced by the authority of government as legitimate and undisputed. One can assume that in a sense represent a side effect - or even some kind of safety valve (eg, violent passion surrogate u Huxley) - the existence of the system itself, but acting on his behalf.

The Brave New World Mustafa Mond says is true of soma distorted, but I think his words well describe the social impact of the adoption of similar specified in another realities: "If [there is] a gap in the coherent time of the substance [human] entertainment, there's always soma, soma delightful, half a gram of the afternoon, play on the weekend, two grams per trip to the magnificent East, three for a dark eternity on the moon, returning, will have on the other side of the slot, safe, on the hard ground of daily work and entertainment "(Huxley 1988: 58). And if so, can however be szczerze answer the question of whether described by antyutopistów life is really quite as bad as the premise is to spend, and whether it differs that much from everyday life, which serves us our world - which, after all dystopia than not, ni antyutopią. Because I do not think it is, right?

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Portions of the text on Insatiability and Brave New World were written based on my master's thesis.

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