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THIRD I: Nice Noise (Raw Ambient Pieces) (Nihilthrone, 2011)
imagination of abstraction and reality. Imagination works 100%. Another candidate for best album of the year, at least in the primeval experimental fahu.
A good part of it as Throbbing Gristle made during his najznamenitijeg period since 1976. to 1981., I presented the Third in this half hour. Genesis P-Orridgea and Peter Christopherson then really was not easy to understand, especially when they knew saw some concerts per hour with an ad hoc topics, but today this kind of music has itekakve purposes. Third I have not made one half-hour composition, but 11 of them, but it all boils down to common sculpture excellent conceptual unified under the name 'beautiful noise (raw ambient pieces). "
highlight of the album are the last two themes, "Cities in Desolation Part I", and "Cities in Desolation Part II" at 7 minutes long compositions that evoke the apocalyptic landscape, the desolation of the towns where there is not a living soul. Just hit themes victim settlements in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami that has befallen the nuclear disaster, although they were not intended as a tragic epitaph, but the coincidence coincided with the period in which they are declared.
Otherwise, all the music and sounds on this album are in the abstract linking of reality and imagination through the concept of subjective perception. Third I do not go into banality and prevarication, but given their different artistic vision, for someone might be innocent and preoccupations, but as such they show a remarkable creative achievements in the rank of the psychedelic, real and unreal. Imagination is the 'essence' that is essential in this case and not based on dryness, but in a clean artistic reasoning. With time the Third and reaffirmed their high criteria separating from all those 'bad' music, which is not clear why the bad (bad from the Blue Orchestra, ha-ha-ha).
I know that people do not get it this kind of music, ranging from T. Gristle and Coil, and that they do not understand why it is there because they believe that what they think, but I really have a Third 'third eye' which is not a mysterious cult but a collection of top artistic achievements.
listen and appreciate.
rating albums [1-10]: 10
horvi / / 19/04/2011


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