Monday, December 27, 2010

Harris Floatbote Mephis

When sex is just ... Blajke ....

Sex with a permanent partner after a few thousand times can become routine. For most, the most exciting part of the link is a beginning. Then everything is new and there are countless opportunities, more flirting and sex is better. However, after a while, things can get boring and stop trying to be like in the beginning. Two
recognized psychologists Arthur Aron and Donald Dutton, in 1974. performed an experiment using two bridges as well as environment. Bridge to Canada "Capilano Suspension, unsafe bridge that is above the turbulent river and another bridge is 300 meters above sea level which is stable and secure.
first day of the experiment looked like this: a man who was crossing the first bridge to end a beautiful woman and presented to him as a student psychology and asked him if he would take part in a short survey. On the second day would do the same on another bridge. Whenever anyone involved in naketi she would give her phone number to called the evening to hear the results.
The experiment was important not only what happened after the survey - such men would, in fact, they invited? Which of the bridges, the first - razmrdan or other stable, would be a better environment for him to start a romance? Does adrenaline encourages a new beginning? The result is that men with nesigurnijeg bridge on several occasions urged the stastanak beautiful woman.
Psychologists have checked his theory of "misattribution" (attribution - eng. attribution), the theory of transmission of excitement. Desire and attraction increase the secretion of natural amphetamine body, dopamine and norepinephrine, which play an important role in sexual arousal. When our lives are on the unsafe bridge and razmrdanom excitement is higher, and life is exciting.
Unfortunately, most spend their lives in a stable bridge and so routinely passes through it. Not have to bungee jump, or to spend a day in cannibalistic tribe to feel that we are alive but in pairs to probudimos ment of creativity out of bed in it.
The brain is the most important sex organ because it is a good romance. It is proven that those who fantasize a fuller and more satisfied sexual life. Be creative and a few get their fantasy. It is important to understand that it takes two. Every woman who would Resl across the old bridge was needed to man he met halfway.


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