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Perfect ..... is it possible?

S you have moments of obsession. For example, when "drown" friends several hours of analysis of the partner's words and actions. Or those endless internal debates that run in front of the mirror and decide whether to go out into the street in shorts or not. For the end of the same thoughts swirl is usually a friendly enough: "tugs". But what happens when, no matter what a great effort, do not stop to think about the same thing? What if it grows into an obsession? So something began to happen to our readers Catherine (27) two years ago. "Something possessed me," she admits, "and I start spinning the same thing in my head, until I literally live through a panic attack. I know that this is a problem, but I can not control."

Obsessive Thinking
seems that more and more young women like Catherine's fall victim to the appearance of disorder which experts call the obsessive thinking. It is not only intensely thinking about something, but people literally can not stop thinking about the same thing over and over again. But why is this problem more often in women than in men? Because at the root of this problem is striving for perfection, which is characterized by most women of our time. Since young women are not only expected to be successful and independent as men, but they look like top-models. Standards for women of this century were indeed high: acquisition of knowledge and looks perfect in the twenties of life, and exercise in emotional relationships, careers, motherhood.
time, due to high expectations, females have serious complexes. When young women do not realize all that it imposes on society, they themselves were guilty of "failure." And over time this can develop into obsessive thinking about how to be better in all areas of life. For example, when her man does not answer after the first date, women (at least most) think that it is not good enough for him, not that he is not worthy of attention.

Catherine's experience
"When I break up with boyfriend obsessive I've been thinking about where it moves, what thoughts and the meaning of his words. I kept spinning the same thought. I could not stop, "says Katherine. Even if the continued life after hanging up, nailing the other." I keep getting a panic clutched to make the wrong life decisions. "This obsession has mastered her life." I could not do anything until someone does not help to make a decision, or confirm that something good choice or do. Such a life of constant concern me completely exhausted. "When he began rapidly to change the mood, everything is out of control, and Catherine spoke to the help of specialists. After psychotherapy, finally was able to control the thinking process. "I have learned to relax and I became much more tolerant with yourself. The stable I have a relationship with a man who gives me a sense of security and confidence. I became convinced that it should be relaxed in order to be happy. My head is no longer humming the same thoughts" says Katherine.

Disorder responsibility
Experts say we should not underestimate the damage that obsessive thinking makes our mental and general health. If not timely seek professional help, it can cause chronic anxiety and depression. In extreme form, obsessive thinking can be manifested as type opsesivnokompulsivnog disorders.
Also, compulsive thinking does not necessarily mean that you suffer from OCD, but the causes are similar and often related to a major life transition. These changes are characteristic of the age of twenty - the completion of schooling, employment, begin a new emotional relationship, or a change of environment. OCD is a disorder of responsibility - the sudden growing up, maturing and taking responsibility for actions. Feelings are changing and developing in the terrifying "bad thoughts" that something will happen to you or other people.

Get help!
Do not let your gratuitous care destroy lives! If you start something obsessive thinking, so much that it impairs your life, do not hesitate to ask for help. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is the fourth most common mental problem. Even if you do not lose control of your mind, do not you be happier if you stop over-analyzing your life? In fact, most of us have to stop to torture and "sweat" due to petty, small things. No obsessive thinking will not give you the body of your dreams, cause his love, nor iskontrolisati events in the future. Not perfect and, more importantly - do not have to BE!

quick stress reduction techniques
key to freedom from stress is the removal of its causes, or a distraction to them, and this will be achieved by adopting a new habit Laugh as often as Laughter is one of the most effective means to reduce stress , because it results in a good mood hormone production in the brain, it triggers a different thought processes, too distracted to think of stress and eliminating negative emotions. Source of laughter: Well, all that will guaranteed make smb. Laugh: jokes, comedy, funny clips from YouTube ...
2 Take a brisk walk when you feel strong tension, get out and walk a fast pace. Completely change the environment, breathe fresh air and Observe what surrounds you: trees, flowers, passersby, rain - stimulate the senses to new things. Pro─çaskajte with the seller in the kiosk, browse through the newspaper ... In general, natural and spontaneous action draws the focus from the disturbing thoughts and feelings.
3 Rehidrirajte organism Drink a large glass of water - right now! Insufficient intake of H2O decreases the effectiveness of the body and causes stress - the physical and psychological sense. So every day, drink 4 to 8 glasses of water.
4 Dremajte snooze from 10 to 30 minutes every day is a natural way to reduce stress. If you still can not find a way to odremate desk (you completely understand!), Odremajte when you get home and try to meditate at your desk, break-time.
5 to cry - at times many felt great relief when you shed a tear. Of course, not a good idea to do this in the middle of a business meeting, but when you are alone, you have to weep if you feel the need for it. The benefits of crying are huge, and - do not hesitate to occasionally howl!
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