Sunday, December 26, 2010

I See The Moon Lethielleux

Uh, what kinds of things to love (him) Buy!

... when I'm angry and upset when I feel great and when I need just a cafe with a friend at the mall or the city ... When the console myself that I have no money to buy the same thing just more expensive and when I get a salary or do a good and long film .... Always. And yet this New Year and Christmas shopping are my special treat! And all this love of one item two pieces in colors that pick up on the fly:) These men do not understand. They do not have that part of the brain. I do not understand no matter how hard they try. They have no idea how some good socks or a new translucent hyper sensitive and yet deep hajdro lipstick can mortified that Mr female dusica:) Even if it is on sale, and even the New Year with a rebate or if the lipstick goes some super ii pokloncic (podarak:) as a lip gloss or shadow of that expiration date, but it is still present, and Gifts are NOT LOOKING IN TEETH (btw, it never was clear this saying) Now I have two sons. I did not even dream could have guessed what she has children to buy!! So sweet and caps, salcici, bodies, shoes (nehodajuce:) specially designed and only bojeee), then jackets, and jackets as well as down sweater top .... Stickers, knjigica, zveckice .... I am all I have to buy! Or for the season, or next, or some number greater than or just dark! I can not resist ... and I thought about, and I will not. Why should I? woke up ... to be continued ....


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