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Parallel Worlds is a theme that appears in the literature for a long time. Example, you can find it in the works for children and young people, such as for example the famous Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll , cycle Chronicles of Narnia: Clive Staples Lewis or Dark Materials by Philip Pullman; also appears in numerous non-fiction novels of children's literature, much in common.

Most stories about the parallel worlds are presented in ways to move - volitional or niewolicjonalne - between these worlds and the vicissitudes of that responsibility. In Man of the High Castle, Philip Dick heroes do not travel to other realities, however: they merely strong conviction about the existence of neighboring. Dick presents a world whose fate at some point unfolded differently - Germany won World War II. For the heroes of this kind of story is not so obvious.

The story takes place in the '60s Twentieth century in the U.S.. The whole world is divided into spheres of influence victors of World War II - Germans and Japanese. The extermination of the Jews did not end with the cessation of the war, continues in the occupied territories by the Third Reich. The only hope for the Jewish people is to remain in the areas of influence in Japan. Demented ruler of the world's leading policy to subjugate everything and everyone - wild tribes in Africa have been murdered, and the entire continent has changed in the wilderness devastated by the "final solution to the problem of Africa." Ongoing work on the drainage with the help of nuclear power in the Mediterranean (Italy, although standing faithfully by the side of Hitler, did not have much to say on this subject), and space continues construction work on adapting it to the population. Germany have set foot in fact, not only on the moon, but Mars. In fact Dickowskiej population has been divided because of race. Slavs and Hispanics have limited rights - can not go to theaters and museums, or otherwise participate in the culture. The area continues to operate the German institutions such as the Gestapo, SD and Abwehr. Adolf Hitler resides in a sanitarium, and live to find their days: in fact suffering from syphilis of the brain. The disease is a remnant of the days when a a young man ran very good life in Vienna. Hitler's ideas but his colleagues are continuing the war. The immediate successor after the resolution of the General SS was Hitler, Martin Bormann. In the course of the novel, however, Bormann dies, and the inhabitants of all the continents begin feverish meditations on this, who will be the next chancellor of Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering and Reinhard Heydrich.

Drawn portrait of Philip K. Dick
author: Pete Welsch ( license CC BY-SA 2.0 )
do not know what the next steps crazy leaders gray citizens so every day is accompanied by uncertainty. Virtually all when making life decisions benefit from the ancient book - I-Ching oracle. As a trusted group of people talk also about another book, the immensely popular, but banned. It is a shocking way to present major figures of the Third Reich and the events of the past decades. This book is a novel about a strange biblical Title: Locusts utyje . Its author, Hawthorne Abendsen, as rumor has it, for fear of assassination by the Nazis planned to live his life in a real fortress. It is this fortress is the title High Castle.

Prohibited locusts read by all - Japanese couple, Betty and Paul, fascinated by everything American, driven by a mania of inferiority, obsequious a junk shop owner, Robert Childan and Juliana Frink, a judo instructor in a sports club in Colorado. This is what she finds Abendsena to find out why he described this strange world where everything is different, and yet it seems more realistic. And she discovers what it really is Locusts utyje - not literary fiction, in which defeated Erwin Rommel in Africa, there is a defense of Stalingrad, and Hitler killed in April 1945 - but a record of real events. It turns out that it is not Abendsena imagination influenced the content of the book, but precise information obtained through the infallible oracle of I-Ching.

Man of the High Castle is a fun dystopia, where the author plays with the attempt to answer the question: "what if?". But perhaps more important is that, as in his other books, and here Dick, by a kind of game conducted not only with readers, but - somewhat - with the same characters of the novel, can arouse anxiety. After completion of required reading is the moment to remind yourself what is fiction and what is reality, and eventually breathe. A strong conviction that we know what is real and what is not - calms. The deterioration of the reader's belief in the existence of a specific and reliable here and now represents a real challenge. But Dick - as Dick - think this unusual test with flying colors.

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