Friday, December 24, 2010

Test Says My Hearing Is Good, But I Have Trouble

Alas, not only to tell me

How hard is it to go to work and be a mother .... just something that I ask here: if you are at work, the child is? With a woman who keeps it? In kindergarten? When grandparents? Means not with you .... and you come clean cut and polished from work, where you have your life that is not an option HOUSEHOLD DOMESTIC AREA and download naspavano and fed tad. Everyone is happy! And yet something is beautiful: those 8 hours flies does not it? Dark as to open the post, step out on the break, trace the Office, weigh a new colleague or colleague, or simply clean the old e-mails ... A little time for you. These grandmothers are wonderful! Besides the children always find time for iron and for lunch ... and so you all shooting on the house ready. If a woman, it is to do the pay and still have the right to be angry, if not at will.
I think the madness that prevailed until the mid-20th century that women using formula Women have to stay in the kitchen and all modern western harem `` there is no basis for human basis. On the other hand, I can not understand girls who are educated to be married and being born and being a housewife and women out there who will have his normal life is divided into two areas: family and social. Still thought it was just great as prepared by podvarak komsikinom recipe .... and if anyone it cost? Who eat a dish ... if podrgrejano, Chinese tejkavaj or domestic charm .. all he came to the same ... and the same and go, If we are for real! So, the girls learn, the arrangements are manicure and upgrade ... a book in hand and internet in useful purposes. Not this time, Jane Austen and God forbid you get back. But that is lighter, easier to ...
just has us prgavih and inadzika, so when something has designs to achieve! If it was master and doctorate in triples and a stove.


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