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woman in the world of Gilead

Margaret Atwood
Photo Vanwaffle (license CC BY-SA 3.0 )
Dystopia is a literary genre in which the author presents a vision of the world's worst possible. Draws its inspiration not from literary texts (in which case we are talking about anti-utopia), but with the surrounding reality. Various social problems may give rise to the creation of a new, thoroughly frightening world. An interesting example is written in a dystopian 1985, Tale - book known Canadian writer, Margaret Atwood . The author describes the Gilead - religious state created in the past the United States, but the reader familiar with Western civilization has little in common. In Gilead, the power belongs to men, a woman becomes a thing. Its purpose is to participate in the conception and birth.

Character women presented in the novel are the wives, daughters, Martami or handheld. Evidence of this clearly their clothes. In Gilead wives wear blue dresses, white daughters, and for
- so. Marty (the biblical Martha of Bethany, sister Mary and Lazarus) - dressed in dark green. In the country live or walking in the black widow generally respected institutions in the country. Wives poorer nieliczących men in the country, it Gospożony, wearing a striped green-blue-red dresses: the need to fulfill these responsibilities, both wives, as well as hand-Mart. However, the color of any hand is red.

The environmental disaster in Gilead monsters are born. The chances of a normal child is small, amount to only 25%. For this reason, healthy women are obliged to become pregnant. The offspring is a rarity, so a man will father is a special reason to be proud - clearly then increases his status in society. No wonder that in such a situation, control over procreation over to the state.

Flag of the Republic of Gilead
author: Voldemort at en.wikipedia (license CC BY-SA 3.0 )
rules prevailing in Gilead, based on specifically interpreted the biblical tradition. If the wife can not have children, someone has to replace it. Someone that is Quick, a woman belonging to a man position. This custom is a reminder of the slave Hagar, Ishmael and his mother Rachel, who, unable to have children, decided to use in this purpose, his maid Bilhah. Sex with Cache is a complex ritual. It begins with a common prayer of the household of the child. Later, during the act, Quick lies between the legs ensures the course of the ceremony wives. Consists of a woman's head on her stomach and holding her hands. Reference must be from the waist up fully dressed. Between her husband and there is no question of any feeling, and kisses are of course forbidden.

advanced pregnancy in Gilead is a phenomenon so rare that it inspires violent emotions. Generally it is just jealousy and sincere joy. On the street more often than pregnant women can be seen, however, the procession Mourner. If the vessel carries, it means that the miscarriage occurred in the second or third month of pregnancy, otherwise frustrated mother holds the hands of a small coffin. The birth of a new human being are so awaited that abortion is a tragedy not only personal but social. This explains the fanatical hatred of doctors, who before the creation of Gilead carried out the abortion. They are considered the worst criminals and as such punished with death.

When the neighborhood children are born, Quick is exempt from their responsibilities in order to participate in childbirth. It is a great holiday for all women. A special car, so. porodomobil, Quick Reference provides all transportation to the emerging housing. Childbirth, like fertilization, also has a traditional course. His wife rests on the Pop-up, covers her legs - it is to symbolize the fact that in reality it will be up to her child. Cache is just a tool. The biological mother will indeed be able to feed the baby, but only for a short period of time. Proving the their fertility and thus social relevance, will be referred to another family to serve with his body the next waiting. Quick Reference status after childbirth increases - never will be returned to Cologne, niekobiet mysterious world, which is an inhabitant of Gilead, a view with horror.

Handy to both sides of the face are clipped wings. They go everywhere in the two to each other to control. You never know if any of the companions is not donosicielką. Nobody can to see their faces, and that they also should not be too much to watch. They can not raise interest or - the more - lust of men. You do not have the right to use cosmetics, paint is not. Do not cut their hair, because, as Saint Paul writes, hair should be either long or shaved to the skin. The only offense for which many of them you can, is the fat from the skin of hands and face oszczędzonym with butter for breakfast or dinner, wrapped in a napkin and hidden in the closet. Such misconduct is not properly detected, but it is combined with fear of consequences.

reading The Handmaid's Tale worth remembering that it was built in the 80s Twentieth century is easy to see interest Margaret Atwood theme of oppression of women due to the nature of her sex
- influence contemporary feminist thought in the novel are very clear. Peculiar problems raised by the marriage of the second wave feminists and the elements of the biblical tradition helped create a unique world, which sometimes happens even though logically inconsistent (how in the past few years of Gilead could occur until such a change in the mentality of ordinary citizens?), A very clear atmosphere of fear , helplessness and resignation of the enslaved people by the totalitarian system. Ways of exerting pressure by the authorities usually surprise and wonder, but it also forced to think about - with knowledge of atrocities of totalitarianism twentieth century - where the boundary between what can happen, and what definitely will not happen, and answer the question ... whether such a limit exists.

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