Monday, January 18, 2010

Angela Pitts Calendar 2010


Either you has an eye for photography, or it is not. I have. For a long time I only had eyes, then only a paltry device, but now when I have a complete and advanced equipment, the situation is almost ideal.

therefore propose that my broad range of photographic services, in many respects different from the dominant trend today, in which the reigns, or kitsch, or the triumph of form over substance and poses and emotion.

Probably not interest me "chirping" of photos - I look forward to challenging assignments from people who know that even the simplest subject can be treated exceptionally.

If I fail to meet these criteria, it simply give up and certainly not anyone even poor photos. Accept a wide variety of suggestions!

- photograph weddings (but on the principle of creative photojournalism, and most black and white)
- has carried out individual sessions or family (but ever so that was in this artificial posturing)
- I create a relationship with the events (but focused on something more than a documentation of the participants)
- I do photos for your promotional materials (but with obmyślonym background and context)

course described above, postcards or other pictures from this site, and most of all photographs (but not all) of my larger gallery and flickrze2 flickrze1 , I specifically prepare to sell on photographic paper, in an agreed format individually. My pictures are deep in the memory, not only in albums. Therefore, the choice is yours: either put a picture on the wall from IKEA, or something original from Szczasnego.
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