Monday, January 18, 2010

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For a long time the only available exhibition of my achievements was
"Turkey - the first step to the Orient." Still, it is ready to show in Poland, not only in educational and cultural institutions. Although format of these photographs (27 pieces) is not large (only 15x21cm) they are no longer sufficient material to admire and encourage the decision to penetrate the region on their own.

Now, however, I also offer three different sets of the exhibition, a lot more in terms of size (30x40 or 30x45cm, I have also to plexiglass frames them.)
first of the new exhibitions is "Turkey - fullness" (25 units). The second is "Syria - oddity in the wilderness" (27 units). Both are focused on people, there is little in its monuments and history . Rather, seek to portray modern life cross-country. Living a simple, serene, sincere, full of flavor and many colors in the case of Turkey, Syria, and in case of a more orthodox, and may sometimes bitter, but also full of surprising and ewenementów nice.

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The third exhibition (27 pieces), black and white, under the title "The Middle East is not black and white" has a more artistic dimension. Perversely abandoning the use of color, is trying to reawaken the total Orient raw curiosity.

fourth, and the latest kit ready for exposure to the "Black Continent - white teeth" (25 pieces). Smiling and full of energy the heroes of this exhibition are the representatives of many ethnic groups of Mauritania, which is a specific mixture across the Arab-African negro, and arriving there for the work of newcomers from abroad, such as Senegal, Nigeria and Guinea.

still in the preparation of an exhibition in Mauritania, not portraits, but more reporter. Waiting for the declaration, coupled with demonstrations or completely independent from them.
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