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Proposals philosophers activities for children, adolescents and adults.

I believe that building a healthy society are mainly awareness-raising (self, world, issues, nuances of our reality). Only a conscious person will not succumb to manipulation. Philosophy has long had a liberating character. I would like to help her continue to bring joy to people.
because I am far from such a philosophy, that of A. Gide criticized in his aphorism: "When the philosopher responds, we cease to understand what we asked." I have a big gap to such pseudofilozofii who stumbles on its own, nothing substantial distinctions, and revolves around intoxicated by specialist jargon.
I see that can infect humans for the philosophy of authentic, unfettered, and aimed at including a very practical dimension.

therefore willing to undertake to carry out in schools, cultural centers, universities, third-century or any other facilities, activities okołofilozoficznych, which may be one-time, weekend or cyclic.
On request, they may take the form of more lecture or, more dialogue (I personally prefer the latter), I can provide more knowledge or more to stimulate its own research.

In my classes I always circled around questions about the nature of wisdom, I tried to be the apotheosis of dignified and happy life, I encouraged them to go beyond stereotypical thinking, I will often referred to the great beginnings of philosophy in ancient Greece, I'll show bearing on contemporary issues and everyday practice, I teach constructive criticism, I supported an open and creative discussion, I often clashed Western thinking with the rich traditions of the East.

Sample topics for children and adolescents:
- millipede, or by undermining reason
- Ring of Gyges, which is why we do not do evil
- Elephant with Baghdad, which is why there is much opinion on a topic
- Sword of Damocles that is, about the pitfalls of holding power
- Eye of a hippo, or how important is the peace of mind
- The lame king, or whether it is worth to be the same as others

Sample topics for Adults:
- philosopher: wise man or talker?
- "I think, therefore I am", that things are important but elusive
- "I do not altogether die", or how different religions approach to the phenomenon of death
- Parmenides vs. Heraclitus, that is, the unity versus diversity
- Europe, China and India - three ways of thinking and reacting to the same reality
- Spinoza's paradox, and so we are free if we only think so
- Plato, which is why a man twenty-first century is still not out of the cave
- ancient cynics and hedonists, or how words take on different meaning
- Socrates, that is, whether it is worth talking

Doctor of Philosophy, MA in philosophy and political science at the Jagiellonian University .
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