Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Do Drag Queens Tuck In Their Dick And Balls


Slajdowisko " THE FIRST STEP TO ORIENTAL "is a record of my monthly penetrate Turkey in 2007. It is considered a multidimensional portrait of the unique country between East and West. In addition to a variety of places (np.słone lake, nineteenth-century Ottoman wooden buildings, fantastic Cappadocia, wild coast) is also shown the rhythm of ordinary life: the 12-millionth of Istanbul to the forgotten village. I'm talking about the tea bar, on the habits of meczetowych and national differences in the mentality ...

If you are interested:
- which testifies to the uniqueness of Istanbul and what Napoleon said about him?
- whether a Muslim is synonymous with an Arab?
- what are the effects of aesthetic rivalry with the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia?
- as przeprawić to be on another continent?
- what the game is played in the Turkish bars and why there is no alcohol in them?
- where does the name of Safranbolu and why the Ottoman houses are there so many?
- why the Black Sea is not friendly plażowiczom?
- who began to modernize Turkey and what came out?
- where I found a statue of Diogenes?
- which fascinates me, so when it comes to the importance of a mosque in everyday life?
- what to ride on the Turkish roads and where they still are cars?
- where the way to Amasyi rice fields, and who saved me between them?
- who has me in the night and Amasyi or night you need to be afraid of ants?
- why talk so much about the Turkish flag?
- why people do not hide in their homes?
- what fruit you most pleased?
- why is the stereotype of Turkish coffee and how much there great tea?
- on what must be considered in Cappadocia, which grows between the local dust?
- whether Grey Mountains are truly colorless, and how not to get lost there?
- as a museum under the open sky in Zelve combined with medieval Christianity?
- what a special addition to the size of stands out to 70 km in length, Lake Tuz Goal?
- whether in the public space you can meet couples in love?
- which is decorated with patriotic formula of most Turkish monuments?
- or in addition to a very harmonious Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is also something special?
- whether Muslim headscarf is just an expression of some of enslavement?
- at the cemeteries maintained by cigarette smoking in Turkey?
- when Turkish women gained suffrage?

sincerely urge you to familiarize yourself with the contents of my presentation - a real Turkey has shown the ins and outs, all before our eyes and ears!

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