Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phantom Periods Post Menopause


long dreamed of creating the original series of postcards. Finally, be ready the first set. That's 10 wide variety of Middle Eastern fruit of my escapades. Characterized not only artistic value. Attracts attention to the fact that they have a large format (15x21cm) and the fact that each of them on the back has entered its short history.

any application from the ordinary sending, by putting on your desk, use as bookmarks, attach to the gifts, up to hang on the wall.

Price 5 zł / piece. When needed, I send mail (at the expense of the customer), but also an invitation to be picked up. Contact us via email or telephone listed above.

(click on picture to see available designs)

1. a smiling girl with Sanliurfy / Turkey;
second old man with a cane from Milas / Turkey;
3. Mercedes-chic with the Palmyra / Syria;
4th not really still life with Yahmur / Syria;
5th non-accidental chair of Cappadocia / Turkey;
6th Artistic watermelons from Zonguldak / Turkey;
7th rebellious camel to Palmira / Syria;
8th dzieciarnia of Deir er Zor / Syria;
9th white lady of Damascus / Syria;
10th donkey, which could be a teacher / Turkey

In preparing the second and third series. One of those classic black and white as polished aesthetic.
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