Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Denman Hairbrush Canada

* ART, but rarely

Modern Art, unfortunately, often wading in the shallows and intoxicates the mutual adoration, judging that the "smarter" is better. A common ailments it is also frustrating to overproduction - contemporary artist makes a point of honor for every six months to create something new, completely forgetting to fulfill this important content. Creates, he must, because it is an "artist" ...

I'm very far from that, inter alia, due to the large number of areas in which they realize. Contrary to the dominant trends in art, I care for a clear and weighty message. Instead of being limited to the diagnosis schyłkowości bezideowości and the world will spin out something constructive.
So far, so only one I released his work for the well-known Polish Gallery - a very personal installation at the intersection of art, philosophy and meditation. It is devoted to silence, which I wrote an essay published in "Philosophical Aspects of prose" [No (9-12) / (13-16), January 2004-December 2005]

source of this project is very positive and releasing spiritual breakthrough that has made me a few years ago. Idea But for a long time has evolved and was not born in its present form right away. Besides, every time his form, because of the circumstances, little has changed. The essence remains unchanged, since the meeting with the silence of this action in order to enhance the status of silence that has always been busily marginalized. This action, or rather non-action, in order to protect the deep meanings are constructed within the silence - protection from the tumult of inappropriate words, useless information, or conflicting concepts. It is an eloquent reminder of silence and returning to what was in the beginning.

In 2005-2007 the plant was shown in lokalu_30 in Warsaw, Lodz, as an accompanying event meetings are Artistic Aspects II: "Porn Generation," in Szczecin, as part of the "Night of the performers', held on the occasion of the prestigious festival, small theatrical forms" Counterpoint "and in Bytom in the famous gallery in the Chronicle and Gdansk thriving Center for Contemporary Art" bath. " There are no obstacles for the subsequent presentation of the project. Waiting for response and further invitations from the respective institutions.

addition at this time conceptually finalizes two new projects - like this "silent", connecting the arts, philosophy, and a variety of simple meditation. First, pt. "It's not all, thanks to the many mirrors and a Chinese story will encourage to look at the lining of apparent contradictions and randomness. And second, pt. "No-krologi" will encourage a more natural, liberated and fresh look at the phenomenon of death.
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