Friday, January 22, 2010

Where Can I Buy Landjaeger In St. Paul Mn?

to Kurdistan in 2008

"ABRAHAM with the Kurds DANCE AT A WEDDING BETWEEN Greek columns," an account of my second month hitchhiking trip in less usual routes of Turkish. This time, instead of the northern and central parts of the country traversed western and southern coast. Present the rich heritage of ancient Greece to the Turkish territories. In addition, they report evidence of the flexibility of the Turks, carefully eye the prayers, I appreciate their ability wypoczywania them a lot and almost any other legitimate compliments. Encountered a critical look at Europeanised the way resorts. Every day I'm close to nature, animals, people ... I look to the Turkish cuisine, I stop at weddings, kids running around taking photos for szmacianką and thus brings me to the east until the border with Iraq, or to Kurdistan, where he was born Abraham - the patriarch of a joint for the three monotheistic religions. Since then I tell a lot about the diversity of Kurds, 80-million nation that still does not survive until its own state.

want to know:
- why do not we visit Troy?
- Where the territory of Turkey was born in the national consciousness of Australians?
- in which the ancient theater is best to sleep?
- from which place in Turkey comes from this country miss the most?
- which established the ancient Ionian city of feminists called the Amazons?
- like a Turkish barber working?
- why the altar of Zeus and Athens is no longer in Bergama?
- which manifests itself in the freedom of the Turkish automotive industry?
- they look like costumes for ritual circumcision of children and how they are dressed, those who make pilgrimages to Mecca?
- who wrote St. Paul, when he wrote to the Ephesians?
- where Alexander the Great took the horses?
- how to dance at a Turkish wedding?
- what is maspaha?
- what nationality I was a nymph posing in Side?
- what it means peaceful population exchange between Greeks and Turks?
- on which the cemetery can cry?
- what is spinning Sufi monk?
- what is the most effective equipment against ujadającym bezpańskim dogs?
- who guided me in Antioch, which is a great museum of Roman mosaics?
- as long as Harran, famous for the oldest Islamic university, will suffer drought?
- what is now the site of the biblical city of Ur, and what color to wear headscarves men of the Kurds?
- when the Syrian church extinct?
- as they look for years strained Turkish-Kurdish relations?
- that swims in the pond, which is linked to the Old Testament message of Abraham?
- or licorice can drink?

are just some of the questions that I answer in my orderly and colorful slajdowisku. Admittedly, this is already my second presentation associated with Turkey, but still exciting. Convey new facts from ancient history and fresh commentary on subsequent expressions of everyday life, both inside Turkey and Kurdistan, very different from European routine.
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