Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shannon Tweedcold Sweat Online

slajdowisko is special, in which pictures and music are just important background for the story. In this show, because in a loose form of presentation tells how to cheaply, safely and independently, you can organize your very exotic journey of life.

Starting language learning, and to find important web links, their personality, buying maps and economical packing the backpack, by including discussions about the different motivations pushing us on a journey, on the relationship between planning and spontaneity, of the reasons why you should also try alone, and finishing such as on the publications about finding places to sleep under the starry sky, the fascinating characteristics of hitchhiking, on the advice of photography and of course on his safe return home.

Salt of the speech are of course numerous examples of evidence-from my own exploration of the world, and that close, and that little bit further. Examples equally often blowing horror, what and sparkling unprecedented situational humor - but always gives much food for thought.

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