Thursday, January 28, 2010

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WORLD at your fingertips

is finally ready! My book "The world at your fingertips" already available for purchase and for reading! Price $ 35 includes shipping throughout the country (please contact me via email or telephone on the details of the transaction - bills).

book has evolved over several years. It is a colorful record of escapades through Europe and the Middle East. Moves, laugh, soothes, provokes - invites to explore the world on their own.

I go in a less idyllic side, the north-east of Cetinji. With delight invades not-know-where. People knocking on the forehead, "what was the ride? there's nothing there. " And how do I explain to them that it is precisely for that NIC I go there? You have yet to meet the niefolderowe face of the country. Helping me at dusk in przesiadce to the next car, the policeman asks if I'm not afraid of wolves. I realized it only when demonstrated to the sound of that pet. I could answer him, "Officer, if the wolves have the missing teeth as you are not afraid."
(part of the Balkan relations, 88 p.)

I really like Turkish music. With this acquisition is to inquire of the driver with titles or names, that when I get off, it gives me two plates cd. Previously, the only thing about which he asked me, very broken English, is whether Poland in World War II fought on the side of Stalin. When he heard that, yes - of course I would be hard to explain to him all the complexities of that situation - is very excited and made a gesture between "keep up" and "Long live Stalin !"...
(section Turkish relations, 121 p.)

evening when I sit on the stone wall at the intersection, grubaśny barbarian walks up in rubber boots. No specific questions leans półlitrowy sip my water, then it turns out that he is a barbarian-friendly. Although we know of no common language, it has some great desire to communicate. So I lists the countries of origin of the car, which we are passing very slowly because they must overcome just paved Wertep Korea. France, Iran, Germany, China ... After passing śmieciowóz such two barrels on a metal frame that is drags city employee ... Then my new friend with a sneer, and his teeth bared reports: "Syria!" .
(excerpt Syrian relations, p. 215-16)

main contents of the book, in addition to several minor texts about the idea of \u200b\u200btraveling and hitchhiking itself, are the following stories (such as Spain, Ukraine, the Balkans , Turkey, Syria):

"Let them break their own, since so much of that planted, that is the end of Western adventure"
"My first time in the East and you do not feel sad looking"
"A Balkan ( Albania), B (Bosnia) C (Croatia, Montenegro), which is why I am not afraid of wolves "
" not a short story about a country where man's best friend is a dog, but the second man "
" O house of beauty 'Absolute' and Station Agent, which looks like a mannequin and a few other Pionki on board the Ukrainian-Slovak "
" Reloaded South West, that is, how does it relate to the coca-cola circumcision "
" What is the ancient and the dictatorship of Ramadan in the background "

[288 pages, 61 b \u200b\u200b& w photos, tzw.ecco cream paper-book, softcover, ISBN 978-83-930974-2-5]

The facebook page of the book you will find here.

video material devoted to the book can be seen on you tube (from 5min11sek)

position participates in the competition for the coveted statuette Amber Butterfly them. Arkady Fiedler (2010 edition), awarded the best Polish book of travel.

book review in Gazeta Wyborcza .

Warning! - Libraries may apply to the provincial coordinators Book Discussion Clubs ( complete list at the Institute Books), there is a possibility of external finance meetings copyright, connected to one of my slajdowisk .
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