Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time To Heal A Spleen

* SYRIA * 2008

'antiquity and Ramadan with the dictatorship in the background "is an account of my month stay in Syria in September 2008. Present not only the famous and charming ancient places (eg, Palmyra, Apamea, Bosra) and medieval buildings (eg castles of the crusaders). I invite you also to the two Syrian cities of Aleppo and Damascus, not eschewing the sad commentaries on the social reality of the enslaved country. A separate, brief chapter also provides a showcase Syria as a museum of old cars - 40-year-old Mercedes, Volvo and Ford vehicles ... The great attraction of the show are also very direct for details of Ramadan - at all times of my presence in Syria lasted since the Muslim fasting.

want to know, while also seeing:
- What I was tortured by the first week exploring Syria?
- the percentage of illiterate Syryjek it and what wearing on his head?
- where he ended in its glory years, the Roman Empire?
- what the Biblical legend associated with the Euphrates?
- why Syria is so colorful and lively open-air museum of old cars?
- how to react to an excess of tourists camels in Palmyra?
- how the exceptional water wheels set in Hama?
- what is dżalabija?
- where the philosophical schools flourished in Syria?
- why so difficult to learn Arabic?
- what was left of the castles of the Crusaders?
- which the city says Syrian Shakespeare in Macbeth and Othello?
- how to get along Christian-Muslim dialogue?
- who guards the temple of the Hittite State remaining after the second millennium BC?
- where they fasted Simeon Stylites?
- which manifests itself in totalitarian nature of the Syrian state and who he really was supposed to be the current president?
- what are the dead city?
- why Lattakia is as liberal as the conditions of Syrian?
- which is Shi'ite mosque is doing a great impression with your przezłoconym, but not kitschy interior?
- międzymiejska why communication works better here, and what are the proportions between the price of petrol and mineral water?
- where Cain slew Abel, supposedly?
- what is the specificity of the black residential development?
- what is today the most important reminder of the world's oldest alphabet of Ugarit?
- what the New Testament language is still spoken in Maluuli?
- why I'm very disappointed to Damascus?
- which depict children for the father, returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca?
- that place in the main mosque for the Muslim world is the Umayyad mosque of the relics of St. John the Baptist?
- which is made of ancient Bozrah?
- Syrian sweets taste like and what is their main ingredient?
- whether during Ramadan, people will just pray and fast?

invite you warmly to much more - a common musical and photographic journey through all regions and dimensions of Syria, and the modern and ancient.
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