Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ear Problems Ankylosing


Here, in a separate place due to misunderstandings still arise, I want to write about the seemingly obvious. Well, for his described on this site is the work of collecting the fee. Do not publish texts or photograph for free, I do not do it any exhibitions, presentations or lectures without appropriate compensation.

Unfortunately, in our post-communist lies owskim thinking wrongly assume that cultural and educational activities should be regarded as something not licującego of financial reward. Today, nobody can think that the plumber will appear and perform his services for free, or that the printer did not agree to pay for the job. Meanwhile, continue to apply to persons engaged in the culture extends the creation of unfounded claims for free.

ideas of volunteering is the most noble, the very much in the way I did and now I do, however, in the areas described here in financial matters I would rather principled. The fact that my work comes from my hobby, it does not mean it has to be compared to Sunday's activity hobbyists. This slideshow is not yet a decent slajdowisko, 10 pictures it still is not reportage, time to speak it still does not make sense to lecture, and three pages of text it is not yet good article.

In every way I offer professional services, which require several weeks of preparation. I registered in this area of \u200b\u200bbusiness and pay it enough unreasonable taxes. Hence, please do not encourage me to join allegedly in exchange for promotion or for something as elusive, but you can not normally pay for a ticket, the bread and the bill .

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