Monday, January 25, 2010

Brazilian Wax How To Steps


I have at this moment to offer three slajdowiska Middle East and an African. In this travel, photo and music presentations, live my comment is always adjusting to the age group - and for the youngest audience even have special versions of shows. Thus, they speak to everyone: from kindergarten to university age student in the third century.

Everything is arranged thematically and are not sure that simply shows photos cruise tourists. Do not focus only on the places visited. During the approximately 70-minute slajdowiska convey a particular moral and historical knowledge. Force the viewer to reflect on odmiennościami encountered. Injector to explore the world and broaden their horizons. In principle, it penetrates deep into the culture, trying to revise its related stereotypes.

All presentations are interwoven, of course, surprising adventures and meetings with people who are never short autostopowiczom. As the travel niskobudżetowo, I am living proof that the 'wish This can '. Gradually expanded the scope of their expeditions. Traveled thoroughly Western and Eastern Europe, and recently began to penetrate the Middle East and West Africa.

Links to several examples of the relationship with my performances: a 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Here you can listen to the broadcast of Turkey and Syria with my participation: radio Mittendrin
(in the "Archives", click there for a series of programs: "In 60 minutes around the world").

Because I do not have a multimedia projector, therefore, with further trips beyond the Racibórz, I would ask to provide the necessary equipment, to which I have to plug in your netbook.

Make contact with clubs, libraries, schools, universities of the third century, pubs, galleries, training providers, agencies eventowymi ... Pricing conditions for individual agreement (depending on the number of shows, distance, etc.) - the same bill. We are happy to arrive even in the farthest corner of the Polish.

Details available shows below.
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