Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parallel Relay Kt-5165a

* POETRY or buzz? Copywriting

I do not think for any poet. I'm just a keen and sensitive observer. There were years when I flew it quite extensively on the paper, hiding in the drawer. As a result, unless some such pretty neat and succinct pieces earned. For example:

The houses of cards, marked or credit
of luxury phones, including geopolitical and
Christmas I'm looking for simple cribs

man to man a mirror. Not
captures him.

in this town is lying.
Even the bridge is a drawbridge.

Reflections forgotten about the original. Based
knows that they reflected.
nice postcard
ordered the exact address.
met in the Letter Box.
There were no traces of
only two stamps.

** There has been a duel.
That which can be touched,
with what can only think.
leads first.
strength stuff.

** What time traveler?
Half Past the road.

After a time I feel I'm still in arms, are very versatile, so I wear with a view to the creation of this exclusive book-parapoetyckiej album. I'd like it this type of duty, and a minimalist text harmonized with my twin achievements in black and white photography. Certainly, I fail to realize that idea earlier than in 2012.

I am convinced, however, that it will be something much more than a hum, which is posted Wyspianski: "To what, moreover, are like poets who do not have their own topics and just sit with folded arms leaning on lutes, to the strings Jeno bent and hum, and do not play "...
Unfortunately, such a buzz - mannered, overly cierpiętnicze, unnecessary egos Hermeticism - commonly served today, readers. Oh, if only the biggest Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza, a regular on Saturday in the "Christmas poem" publish something in that genre, suggesting to us that we are dealing with "poetry" when really, in my opinion, they are just tired, secondary, and too often empty jangly.

accident call upon Wyspianski. Well in 2003 Fri "Stars reach for his forehead," in Krakow Thumbnail wydałem publishing a book of his thoughts - in my selection, layout, theme and my introduction. I believe that and early twenty-first century might be worthwhile uncompromising observations of this versatile artist, wyzbytego complexes Europeans, singer of the nature of conscious reality ponadcielesnej, a philosopher of action karcącego all sloth and deftly jednającego romantic ethos of positivism. [Until quite recently, it was possible to find the end of the allegro effort]
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